Local resident Stephen Thornley to Fight Dinnington By-Election

The Liberal Democrats have selected Stephen Thornley to stand as their candidate in the forthcoming by-election in Dinnington ward on 2nd February.

Stephen grew up and went to school in Dinnington and lives on Cramfit Crescent. He is currently studying chemistry nearby at the University of Sheffield.

The by-election was called after a UKIP councillor resigned after a change in circumstances.

Stephen believes that having grown up in the area will give him a real chance of doing well in the by-election.

Stephen said:-

“From speaking to many local residents I know that we need a fresh face representing us. This by-election is a real opportunity for residents to send a message to the Labour run council that they can’t take us for granted.

“Dinnington is my home and I want the best for my area. Voting for me on 2nd February will give Dinnington a strong local voice that will put our area first.

“I can be the effective opposition that Rotherham needs, to hold the Labour Party to account on issues that affect all of us.”


5 thoughts on “Local resident Stephen Thornley to Fight Dinnington By-Election

  1. Wants the best for his area yet has never stood as a Town Councillor, never appeared (to the best of my knowledge) at a Town Council meeting, isn’t a part of the Neighbourhood Plan committee. One has to question why he’s suddenly come out of the woodwork.

    Dinnington needs someone who will represent Dinnington residents and not the Party line.


  2. Don’t they get it our area voted to leave the EU the liberals and Labour want us to stay in. In fact the bleeding heart Liberals want a second referendum why should the people of Dinnington vote for either of these. I challenge Mr Thornley to a public debate on policies and what is best for our area. I am chairman of our Town council, I instigated the neighbourhood plan and I chair the working group. I also spent several weeks last year arguing the case with the government inspector to save our green belt. I attend borough council meetings, in fact I attend more than the Dinnington borough councillors, and ask questions and fight for our area. I have spent a full afternoon shift out with our PCSOs so that I could better argue to bring back the police to Dinnington. I wonder what Mr Thornley has been doing, because I have never seen him involved in anything. I will be standing in the election because I know how to stand up for our area because I have been doing it for years.
    Dave Smith


  3. The Fabian Society, “a Labour think Tank”, announced today that it may be a good idea if Labour were to have an alliance with the SNP,and Lib Dems at the next Election. ( because Jezza`s so toxic he cannot garner support of the masses)
    Says it all.
    The Lib Dems have been no where in the polls in Dinnington, so why the sudden interest. He may be keen, but seems to have no “Political” savvy whatsoever.. If he is studying at Sheffield, when is he going to attend Council/committee Meetings
    The Lib Dems are not a democratic political party, they cannot accept that 52% of the country voted to leave Europe, and until they do they are flogging a dead horse at the polls.
    Labour is keeping it close to their chests, word is they are struggling to find someone to stand, almost as quite as UKIP.


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