Momentum backs Shabana Ahmed for Brinsworth & Catcliffe – but who won?

From: Momentum Rotherham <>
Date: 3 January 2017 at 13:52:40 GMT
Subject: URGENT – Brinsworth and Catcliffe By-Election
Dear All,
Happy New Year from Momentum Rotherham.
There is a council by-election coming up in the Brinsworth and Catcliffe ward, with a poll to be held on Thursday 2nd February 2017 (see attached notice). We will need to help campaign for a Labour victory, and of course to continue to support the principles of socialism and democracy that Jeremy Corbyn advocates.
Shabana Ahmed is hoping to contest the election, and is attending a selection meeting in the ward this evening. Shabana supports Jeremy Corbyn and intends to work with Momentum in the future. Let’s support her – if you know anybody from the Brinsworth and Catcliffe ward, encourage them to attend the selection meeting tonight to give their support.
Thanks. In solidarity.
Momentum Rotherham

13 thoughts on “Momentum backs Shabana Ahmed for Brinsworth & Catcliffe – but who won?

  1. Would anyone be so stupid as to believe Shabana about anything? Mind you labour wouldn’t be so stupid, would they? I do hope so.
    Get ready to ‘follow the money’!


  2. Who the hell is Momentum? Momentum of What? I take it that momentum is a joke for a disguised subversive organisation dedicated to the domination of the English population of our area and the UK as a whole usually a hidded group of Zionist communists Are there no historic indigenous people capable of taking up this role rather than financial immigrants? The situation of the racism in Rotherham is obscene I predict more and more conflict as the immigrant population is encouraged to take control of our country by “white trojan horse aliens” who are at the back of the complete domination of the historic population of our islands, Those aliens now control our civil service, Government, Press and media and of course are the criminal banking fraternity.


  3. I wonder if Momentum Rotherham have realised their mistake yet? Jahangir gets Shabana selected and gets their secrets, for future use as well, quite a result for Jahangir!


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  5. No mention that Brinsworth looks a mess.
    Ahmed has been a sleeping councillor before but did nothing to improve the area
    Why would people vote for her again!


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