11 thoughts on “UKIP fields candidates in both by-elections

  1. And here’s one who wants to work closely with the Town Council, that close that he’s another one who’s never been seen (AFAIK) at a Town Council meeting. Why are all these people suddenly so concerned with Dinnington? Where were they when the Town Council were up for election a couple of years ago? One really has to question their motives.

    Dinnington needs a representative who’ll actually stand up for Dinnington without following the party line.


  2. Cliff Topp why hide your true identity then we would all know if you attend the Town Council or any thing else in Dinnington instead of having a go at all


    • I attend as many Dinnington Town Council meetings as I am able, I see no reason to stop using my nom de plume. I have certainly attended more than your resigned Councillor and more than your candidate this time and the last time. Instead of having a go at me using a Nom de Plume why not imbue your candidates with a sense of community and have them attend Council meetings where no one gets allowances. It seems to me that most Party (and I include all Parties) members are only interested in Dinnington when they get ‘paid’ for it.


  3. Mr Hunters leaflet says,” UKIP believe that local people should have a say in how their local community is run.” I am chairman of our Town council, I am involved in several committees dealing with community issues. I have never met or seen Lee James Hunter involved in anything in Dinnington.

    “UKIP want this to include planning applications, to use brownfield sites before green belt land.” I have spent weeks in meetings with the government inspector, RMBC planners and developers putting forward why our green belt should not be used for house building. What has Mr Hunter been doing? Perhaps he could tell us what sites RMBC plan to use in Dinnington, and what alternative sites he would put forward.

    I am fed up of people who have done nothing to help to improve our area lecturing us on what should be done. I along with others have been fighting for these things for years, long before I was elected on to the Town Council. As a member of the community I was attending Town council meetings and borough council meetings, asking questions and putting forward what Dinnington needs. As soon as I became chairman I got the council to agree to go forward with a neighbourhood plan. I called a public meeting and we formed a working group that moves the plan forward. Neither the UKIP candidate or the Lib Dem candidate, if they were there, put themselves forward for this. This is a very important way of improving Dinnington.
    Dave Smith


  4. Mr.Hunter gets about a bit.

    ‘ UKIP will take on Labour MP Dan Jarvis in the general election with candidate Lee James Hunter.
    Lee, who works at ThyssenKrupp Aerospace in Darton, said: “I’m passionate about people from all backgrounds being able to have the same educational opportunities in life.
    “I believe far more needs to be done to improve and enforce safeguarding for older people. I’m also determined to do what I can to raise awareness of fuel poverty.
    “I’m a massive supporter of the NHS. I’m totally opposed to the top-heavy management structure that so many NHS trusts have adopted.”



  5. Not sure where Mr Webster lives either, i think he stood in Valley last year and Rotherham West the year before. Journeymen or simply persistent ?


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