Brinsworth by-election: Candidate selected for Labour

LABOUR has selected its candidate for the by-election to replace disgraced councillor Andrew Roddison.

Roddison stepped down from his Brinsworth and Catcliffe seat on Rotherham Borough Council after being convicted of sexual assault in November.

The Liberal Democrats became the first party to declare a candidate for the February 2 by-election on Friday when they put forward doctor Adam Carter, while UKIP have nominated Steve Webster to fight for the seat and Shabana Ahmed was picked for Labour last night.

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8 Responses to Brinsworth by-election: Candidate selected for Labour

  1. Clean up labour says:
    Another victory for Aktar to manipulate things.

    • Paddy Cawkwell says:

      Supported by Momentum as well.

      Socialists and good people should throw the towel in with the Labour Party. They’re not fit. Quite simply not fit.

  2. Xinsider says:

    I thought it was routine for Akhtar to manipulate her things ! Or have I misunderstood previous historic posts perchance?

  3. Reg says:

    Labour may have scored another own goal and thrown the election with this dud.

  4. rothpol says:

    Perhaps if they had spent some time reading Rotherham Politics, they might not have shortlisted Shabana, never mind selected her? A monumental error? Time will tell, roll on Thursday 2nd February!

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  6. S Thornton says:

    I think Rothpol is right, At one time ( CSE) the Regional Labour Party was reading every post and taking action against their Members because of the information they were seeing here.
    By the way, does anyone know if Roddison still retains his seat on the Parish Council. Very interested to know.

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