February 2nd by-elections nominations

Firstly we have the by-election occasioned by Andrew Roddison, and his eventual resignation. Andrew Roddison was the labour councillor until his disgrace.

Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward:


Dinnington Ward:


Election Agents:

Brinsworth & Catcliffe





11 thoughts on “February 2nd by-elections nominations

  1. UKIP got an open goal? Doesn’t even live in Dinnington why should we vote for a chancer like him he has stood in Barnsley and other areas of Rotherham. Ian Finnie lives in Dinnington, shows how desperate UKIP are couldn’t get a local candidate. Another posh Tory standing. Lib Dems, we voted leave they want a second referendum. Labour wheeling out Vjestica again, Labour are totally out of touch with the people of our area, they voted remain and have voted to take our green belt. Green Party another remainer and another who doesn’t live in our area. Labour got desperate to find a candidate, sending out letters pleading with their members to stand in the Dinnington ward. Even tried to get an 83 year old ex town councillor to stand. How far down the list was Vjestica?
    Dave Smith


    • Dave Smith

      So the ubiquitous Mr D Smith wishes to stand once again for Dinnington. One might be forgiven for reaching the conclusion that Dave believes Dinnington needs him. It does not.

      There are other independents standing and they must be fighting like ferrets in a sack on the town council for recognition. They must be as deluded as he is to think they can add any value whatsoever for Dinnington at borough council level. The only people to lose out, if Dave or any of his colleagues were to be elected, would be the good folks of Dinnington.

      I am aware that Mr Smith and his friend sometimes attend full council meetings, where they are known as ‘rat man and bobbin’, he makes a noise to which no one pays any attention. That is what happens to independents, no one takes any notice, they remain ‘ billy no mates’ and they do not sit on any committees or panels and are about as much use as a stuffed monkey, but that may be unfair to the monkey.

      The impression Mr Smith creates is that of a labour reject, perhaps he could confirm if this to be true or not? And I cannot find anyone who can tell me anything of relevance that Mr Smith has ever had to say about anything. Thus I urge the good folks of Dinnington not to vote independent, at least not for Smith.


  2. LIbdem candidate lives in the ward, knows the ward and cares about the issues that affect people who live in the area. That’s the most important consideration in local elections, not national party politics.


    • Lib Dem candidate cares that much about the issues that affect people in the area that he’s never been seen at a Town Council meeting nor is he a Resident member of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group that is working to improve Dinnington for all. Tell us, what HAS he done for the people of Dinnington so far if he cares that much about us.


    • @Claire Watts
      ‘knows the ward and cares about the issues that affect people who live in the area.’

      Is that why he’s been invisible?


  3. Dinnington By Election very very interesting.
    Green Party Candidate lives in woodsetts, Has stood several times in Anston and gets very few votes. If the Greens could not find a candidate in Dinnington, its time to pack it in.
    UKIP candidate comes from Maltby, UKIP gets the votes, but struggles to find candidates from the ward, The leadership needs to “wake up” and start “working” its supporters.
    Tory candidate, come on please, a retread who lost his seat, and lives in Sitwell, no where near Dinnington, Tories struggling for candidates I think.
    LibDem candidate no one has never heard of this person, at least he lives in Dinnington, but needs an Agent from somewhere else. Never been anywhere near the Town Council nor RMBC meetings, so what is he going to bring to the table.
    Labour Candidate Times are a changing in Dinno for the Labour “old Guard”, it seems the Party has woken up to the “has been`s”. Only trouble is again this candidate lives in Anston not Dinnington, and his agent RMBC Simon Tweed lives in Woodsetts, what is it with Labour that they cannot field candidates in their own wards ?.
    Independent Candidates are a show all on their own. Dave Smith is the very experienced and well known, out spoken Chairman of the Town Council.
    Jean Hart is a “newcomer” to the Town Council, strange then that she is standing against her own Chairman, Is there strife about ?.
    And finally Steve Scott, Its quite evident from Town Council meetings that there is no loyalty between him and the Chairman, he has nominated another Councillor as his agent. This agent is openly hostile to the Chairman, so Scott is showing his true colours. It looks like the “gang of Three” are making a bid for power.
    Of the three Independents, only Dave Smith holds RMBC to account, the others have no experience at all
    Based on past elections, UKIP should romp home, but dont hold your breath, they seem to be struggling at present and ignoring their supporters/voters in the South Rotherham area.


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