Corbyn can compromise

Corbyn: Labour not wedded to EU free movement

Jeremy Corbyn is to say Labour is not “wedded” to freedom of movement for EU citizens in the UK as a “matter of principle”, as he sets out his views on Brexit negotiations.

In a speech, the party leader will argue the UK “can be better off” after leaving the EU, but add that he will not allow Theresa May a “free pass”.

Mr Corbyn will pledge to push for “fair and reasonably managed migration”.

Mrs May has said Brexit can “change the country for the better”.

With negotiations between the UK government and the EU set to begin as early as April, there is much speculation over whether the prime minister will push for the UK to remain part of the European single market or opt for a so-called “hard Brexit” – leaving the single market but gaining fuller control over immigration.

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1 thought on “Corbyn can compromise

  1. ‘Mr Corbyn will pledge to push for “fair and reasonably managed migration”

    How does he define ‘fair’? Is it a person with skills to benefit Britain or a family of economic migrants who want to live here because their own country cannot offer them either work or rewards?

    Managed migration? What are Corbyn’s criteria for allowing migrants into Britain? What is the upper limit?
    We need more than soundbites from the strike supporting leader of HM opposition.


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