Make views known on HS2

RESIDENTS in two Dearne Valley villages have been urged this week to make their views known on the proposed high speed rail link through the area — before it is too late.

The villagers of Barnburgh and Harlington were told at a meeting on Monday night that there were just weeks left before the consultation period on the proposed HS2 rail line closes.

There was uproar in July when HS2 put forward a route for the line through Aston, Bramley, Mexborough and the Dearne Valley instead of an option via Meadowhall.

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3 thoughts on “Make views known on HS2

  1. Remind me – doesn’t the “option via Meadowhall.” also go through Aston-cum- Aughton parish and at least one or two other Rotherham parishes.
    Nimby, nimby, nimby ….


  2. Unfair criticism rr-unless your tongue was firmly lodged in your cheek?

    A true test of RMBC’s committment to this project would be if the track ran alongside Riverside House on an elevated section of the track then perhaps we will spot the Nimby’s.


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