Could Yorkshire voters be choosing a mayor in 2018?

VOTERS could be asked to choose a Yorkshire mayor in elections next year under a devolution plan seen by The Yorkshire Post.

With support, Chancellor Philip Hammond could announce the plan in his March Budget with elections to take place in May 2018, it says.

The proposal is the latest attempt to end the wrangling over Yorkshire’s efforts to take more control over its own affairs.

Analysis: No ignoring the politics in new Yorkshire mayor plan But it is understood senior council figures in a number of West and South Yorkshire authorities have reservations about the blueprint.

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2 thoughts on “Could Yorkshire voters be choosing a mayor in 2018?

  1. Is it not time for Chancellor Hammond to be informed of the method used by RMBC for it’s ,so called, consultation re the Sheffield Region ? I don’t believe an unpublicised on line “consultation” resulting in less than 500 responses could really reflect the true thoughts of a quarter of a million people !


  2. What are the compelling reasons to elect a Mayor of Yorkshire?
    How could a candidate from (say) Harrogate know anything about the Rotherham area?
    Or vice versa?
    There are too many people on the gravy train, we need less governance, not more.


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