Green Party enters the fray in Brinsworth & Catcliffe by-election

Rotherham Green Party candidate for Brinsworth & Catcliffe by-election:




4 thoughts on “Green Party enters the fray in Brinsworth & Catcliffe by-election

  1. Ambitious or what?
    ‘We can offer……an effective opposition in the council’. Erm……How many councillors do they think will be elected?
    I hope the Green party never gains control of Rotherham or any other town after the horlicks they made when they had control of Brighton.


  2. I hope the greens take loads and loads of votes. polls show that they tend to attract dissatisfied labour voters. UKIP nicking votes from the Labour right and the Greens nicking Labour left votes might just squeeze Labour out. I don`t care who wins as long as its not the usual Monkey with red socks
    Arise the people of Rotherham (well, Dininton and Brinsworth) Its time to show the rest of us that you are different, and vote out the same old same old.
    PS If any Labour candidate knocks on your door, ask them if they are going to put your council tax up in the next few weeks. Watch them wriggle and squirm.


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