Rotherham Green Party latest news

Rotherham Green Party are fielding candidates in both by-elections taking place on February 2nd.

This is their press release:




2 thoughts on “Rotherham Green Party latest news

  1. He will work to ensure that the new housing developments scheduled for Dinnington respect the character of the town, and protect the Green Belt? This is what we’ve been doing since July at The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group! Where has he been? What has he been doing?

    Local Resident? Bit of a misnomer as it suggests that he’s a Dinnington resident when in fact he lives in Woodsetts. We already have a Borough Councillor from Woodsetts, less said the better methinks.


  2. I spent a lot of my summer sat in a room in Riverside House arguing the case to save our green belt, I instigated getting our Town Council to agree to a neighbourhood plan. We have a great working group putting the time in to put the plan together, the best chance we have of protecting our green belt, and deciding what housing development takes place. If Mr Foulstone felt so strongly about these things why didn’t he attend the public meeting we called to get our working group together. He could have volunteered to be on the group. Next week highways starts work on New Street filling in the potholes, because we as a Town Council put pressure on Rotherham. What ever these candidates put forward about what they will do for our community, I am already doing it. I don’t put a load of platitudes on a piece of paper at elections, I actually get out there every day and do it and have been doing for years. I won’t disappear when the election is over I will still be working for the area where I live and the people I care about. What being elected means to me is that it would give me the opportunity to put the case for Dinnington right there in the council chamber, Labour are frightened to death that I might get elected. Even the leader of RMBC has been here, they are going all out to try to win Dinnington back, and put another loser in to follow the party line.
    Dave Smith
    Chair of Dinnington St Johns Town Council


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