Sheffield City Region mayor election ‘to be delayed”

THE election of a new mayor for the Sheffield City Region in May will be postponed, The Yorkshire Post understands.

Council leaders in the area are understood to have agreed to ask the Government to delay the election until May 2018.

The decision follows a legal ruling before Christmas that Chesterfield residents had not been properly consulted on the town’s inclusion in the devolution agreement which includes the creation of the new mayor.

It is understood fresh public consultations on the devolution deal were unlikely to be completed in time for a May election.

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2 thoughts on “Sheffield City Region mayor election ‘to be delayed”

  1. Surely this should mean that all things to do with the Sheffield city region should be postponed? But Rotherham have been making decisions based around this for well over a year, especially when it comes to the sites and policies planning.
    Dave Smith


  2. The dear Leader must be crying in to his beer and making his sandwiches soggy. First he stand up proudly and says he does not want an elected City region Mayor. Then he is invited to a round table comrades meeting, of more beer and sandwiches, and he presto, he pops up in t`chamber, and says it the best thing since sliced (soggy)bread.


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