Council’s £1.2 million bill for school’s academy conversion

A TROUBLED school’s conversion to academy status will land the council with a bill of more than £1 million, it has emerged.

Clifton Community School is scheduled to become an academy under the Wickersley Partnership Trust next month.

The secondary – rated inadequate by Ofsted  currently has a deficit of £1.2 million, which will be passed to Rotherham Borough Council.

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3 thoughts on “Council’s £1.2 million bill for school’s academy conversion

  1. You just couldn’t make this up.

    Why on earth should council tax payers pick up Clifton’s deficit when in fact Wickersley will be able to claim a number of government grants to enable it convert to Academy status and take it into its own arrangements .

    There is also clear evidence that Wickersley has been responsible for governance and management at Clifton for years now but has barely scratched the surface of school improvement whilst failing miserably at reducing Clifton’s spiralling deficit budget. Nor has the culture of poor behaviour made much progress. Just ask the pupils and parents.

    What makes Wickersley think it will be able to ‘wave the magic wand’ by simply taking Clifton into its Academy arrangements when it hasn’t done so far? Oh, I nearly forgot, it gets David Hudson Wickersley Chief Executive, well and truly off the hook as such a huge debt is simply handed over to RMBC as part of the Academy arrangements. The Children’s Service budget is already overspent by £12/13 million in 2016/17.

    Wonder when the penny will drop about the shenanighans going on within the private world of Academy schools? Not a week goes by without academies hitting the national press.


  2. So there you have it. The Deputy Leader of RMBC, Cllr Watson, bleating on about a £1.5 million deficit they will be left with. Well just who the hell was in charge when this debt was run up, bug*er me, it was the very same councillor who is now trying to say “not me gov”.
    Typical Labour, sorry we failed to manage the budget properly, but he ho, we will just blame those who are trying to put it right.
    I am at a loss that people believe the rubbish that comes out from them, and then go and vote Labour.


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