Allen Cowles – UKIP campaign update

img_0811Today UKIP has begun its campaign for the forthcoming by-elections in both Brinsworth and Catcliffe and Dinnington. Boy was it cold, but the team was out there, and will be for the next two weekends both leafleting and speaking to people in the wards So if you have any questions please stop and ask us, we are only too pleased to answer, and help where ever we can.

We have two great candidates, both dedicated to the cause of local service.

Our Dinnington candidate, Lee Hunter, already has experience as a councillor and cannot wait to get back, the other Steve Webster is full of enthusiasm for the job, he is up to speed on all issues local and national and will prove to be great asset for the ward.

I cannot end this short update without reference to the tweet from Mr Healey (see below) today who suggested Ian Finnie was not up to the job. Ian resigned due to ill health and out of his sense of duty not to take public money when he was unable to fulfil his role and he was supported by the party. Where as Mr Roddison was forced to resign due to sexual impropriety, and even then did not go willingly, he had to be forced to resign. Who will be next?

Finally worth pointing out that the Lib Dems and Green party candidates have manifestos full of what they say they will do, but no idea of how they will do it. Put quite simply they do not have a clue.

Allen Cowles


29 thoughts on “Allen Cowles – UKIP campaign update

  1. I have a few questions, unfortunately I was unavailable today to see your candidate but maybe you are able to answer them for me? The questions are, if Mr Hunter is so enthusiastic about Dinnington and its residents, how come he’s not been seen at Town Council meetings or has never been seen round Dinnington prior to an election being called? Just what has he been doing for the people of Dinnington before this by-election occurred? Bearing in mind we already have two Borough Councillors who don’t live in the town how do you think he is able to know what the Council Tax payers of Dinnington want when he doesn’t live here?


    • Rothpol

      Healey’s tweet ‘UKIP councillor walked away from job’ shows just what a slimeball we know that Healey really is.

      Whilst his convicted sex pest Labour Councillor Andrew Rodisson Brinsworth & Catcliffe was sentenced and being measured up for his electronic tag, Rodisson was desperately trying to hang on to his personal gravy train as a councillor no matter what.

      After all, but ‘I do it all the time m’ lud’ was his astonished yelp. No support whatsoever for his fellow councillor victim or from his peers it seems. Just silence and not a peep from Healey in support for Rodisson’s fellow councillor victim.

      Meanwhile, UKIP councillor Ian Finnie at Dinnington had already submitted his letter of resignation to Chief Executive Sharon Kemp in November following several close family bereavements and his own complex health issues.

      His professionalism and high integrity showed in his letter which interestingly, was published by the Rotherham Advertiser and on Rothpol. Finnie’s honesty and motive were admirable ‘ he could no longer give the role the attention and time it deserves including CSE in Dinnington and so could not continue to take public funds’.

      That wasn’t a quality of Rodisson as there was no sight of Rodisson’s resignation letter as he was going to stay no matter what. Oh nearly forgot, his resignation letter was written for him and taken to him for signing following a huge public outcry.

      Wonder what Healey will be telling the good folk of Brinsworth and Catcliffe? Vote for the Momentum pin up girl Shabama as they have got my hands tied behind my back’ or ‘vote for Shabama who lives in Sitwell not Brinsworth and Catcliffe but don’t worry as her bosom buddy Asbo Akhtar will be pulling her strings and running the town once again’.

      As for sex pest ex Labour councillor Andrew Rodisson who has found a new career selling sweets from High Street, I sincerely hope he is regularly scrubbing his well used sticky, stubby fingers as the filth is ingrained. He should come with a government health warning before anyone enters the shop let alone buys sweets from him or his ilk.

      I shall not be buying sweets or anything else for my family (or grandchildren) from the likes of the grubby, sloth, sex pest Rodisson.

      Healey ought to be worried as is leadership is worth about 2ozs of pearl drops from Rodisson. The selection of his Labour councillors over the years shows that.


  2. At least Mr Hunter is putting himself forward to represent the people and if elected will hold himself to account to the people of Dinnington
    Unlike you Cliff Topp who hides behind a sudinham and just sits at his computer having a go
    Most people can put themselves forward to be an elected member and represent the area
    Maybe you would like to tell us why you did not instead of having a go at them that do


    • Just because I use a pseudonym doesn’t mean I sit behind my computer “having a go”. You know not the first thing about me.

      As for representing my area, I do my bit… This morning and last Saturday morning I was sat on the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, doing MY bit, free of charge, giving up MY time for the betterment of Dinnington, a place where I live. On the Monday evening of this week I was sat on the Town Council, again giving MY time free of charge after a hard day at work, for the betterment of Dinnington. Now, tell me, what has your candidate done for the betterment of Dinnington? What time has your candidate given free of charge for the betterment of Dinnington? Would your candidate represent Dinnington free of charge like I do? If the answer is yes, then why has he not already done it?

      As for my not standing for Borough, I do not have the time that I could devote to it with the job I do. I do however, have the time to represent Dinnington residents on the Town Council and The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group as they are out of work hours.

      I have answered your questions, will you do the courtesy of answering mine?


    • @Pythaghoras
      If you were a regular reader/follower of this blog you would know Caven is dyslexic.
      You owe him an apology.

      I am surprised Rik did not comment on your post.


      • I was shocked when Rik allowed that comment to slip through the net.

        Mr Vine and I have our massive differences but I’d never mock him for that.


      • I’m not a regular reader or contributor and am happy to apologise. I wasn’t aware that Mr Vines was dyslexic and wouldn’t have written that post had I known.


        • Others before you have made the same error. I am a moderator not a censor! Thank you for your apology. I hope we can draw a line now and welcome further contributions from yourself in the future, Rik.


  3. Have any of the UKIP Members or Leaders, Present or Defamed been to any kind of school, your use of the written narrative is worse than KS1 and YOU want our votes, get real, get learning then get lost, (Tip), the latter will be the easiest to do.


  4. Cliff Topp
    How do we know what you do you can say anything hiding your identity if you are a representative of Dinnington on the Town Council then presumably you were elected their so you should be accountable to the people who elected you how can that be done when you hide your identity that’s not very open and transparent way of representing people now is it
    And as far as what Mr Hunter has done or will do for Dinnington if elected then the people will at least know who he is and be able to hold him to account unlike you
    At least Mr Dave Smith who I beleive is the Chair of the town Council does not hide his identity and if he has anything to say he puts his name to it like I do
    so if you would like to know what Mr Hunter is about I suggest you ask him directly he does not hide away and I am quite sure he will answer you directly providing he can identifie who you are


    • You seen to be a little fixated on who I am. You have to take my words at face value Mr Vines. Suffice it to say, I do what I say I do. I have my own reasons for using a pseudonym. Now, instead of fixating on my bona fides will you please do me the courtesy of answering the questions I posed earlier regarding what your candidate has done for Dinnington already? As I mentioned in another post earlier, Party candidates only seem to be interested in Dinnington when allowances (ie Borough Council) are available. I have already stated what I do for Dinnington (without getting any allowances) and I’m sure Councillor Smith can vouch for me doing the things I say I do. Would that satiate your curiosity?


  5. I will ask this question again, if a waste incinerator was planned to be built in the place where these people who live outside Dinnington reside or in Dinnington where would their loyalty lay then. They are hypocrites when they say they will put Dinnington first, it is just a convenient platitude, what ever they say they will do I am already doing it. I have constantly stood up for Dinnington for many years and, as in past years I won’t disappear if I lose, unlike Vjestica and the rest. I will still be here living in Dinnington putting Dinnington first and fighting for the people I believe in and live amongst. Mine are not empty words dreamt up to put on an election leaflet, mine are honest Words and real actions. The green man from Woodsetts blathers on about saving our green belt, what has he been doing to bring that about, I have spoken to the people who have been doing this for years they have never heard of him. I spent half my summer alongside members of the save our green belt group in meetings with the government inspector putting forward alternative sites for house building in Dinnington. This meant taking on the developers and RMBC, where were the rest of the candidates, sunbathing I wouldn’t wonder. I was the main instigator of getting our neighbourhood plan up and running and I am chairman of the great working group we have got together to bring it to fruition. We are not doing it for money, we don’t get paid, we are doing it because we want a better Dinnington, half the candidates can’t get involved in it because they don’t live here and the rest can’t be bothered. Next week every day I have two meetings all to do with Dinnington, I am already doing it.
    Dave Smith


  6. The UKIP candidate is attacked on here for not being from Dinnington. so why are there no comments about the two existing labour Councillors, Cllr Mallander and Tweed, who also do not live in Dinnington, and the Green candidate who does not live in dinnington and the Labour Candidate who also does not live in Dinnington.
    Bias, what bias.


  7. You should read the other posts where I pointed out that 4 out the 8 Candidates don’t come from Dinnington. It is interesting that the green man from Woodsetts talks about saving the green belt yet has done nothing about in the past.
    Dave Smith


    • Dinnington need a Councillor like Cllr Wilson of Anston and Woodsetts. People go with problems that no one has resolved in years and she fixes them. Last one I heard is how she helped woodsetts residents to stop a company opening a home for people with severe behavioual problems. It was a lost causes and out of the three councillors for that ward she was the only one to get involved!


  8. I am not too bothered about where in the borough they live as long as they are willing to help out. My problem is the poor quality of candidates that are constantly put forward by UKIP. If they loose Catcliff I will be amazed but Dinnington will no doubt go to Labour. I am so surprised that Vines did not run for any of the seats. It would be good to see him back


  9. L. Joseph
    When you read comments from the likes of L Joseph, it makes you wonder just where such people have been or do they suffer from severe myopia? Just what research is carried out before making the claims they do.

    The impression they try to portray, in this case Cllr Katherine Wilson, is that of a dedicated hard working Cllr. Let me remind you of her attendance record as of this morning, five out of twelve meetings attended according to official council records, a 41% attendance, and she has spoken at only one council meeting in October of last year.

    Hardly the record of a dedicated individual, still there are many like her. The record of another Cllr in that ward is no better.

    Other notable labour councillors stand out as shining examples of why we do not want anymore. Let’s make a start with ex Cllr Roddison, there is not only his sexual dalliance, but in order to carry on receiving money from the public purse for no contribution he was ably abetted by others to make a ten second cameo appearance at a council meeting to avoid automatic removal from the council. They then had to send out a search party with a pre-written resignation letter for him to sign.

    And still no acceptance or responsibility for the shameful events that brought this town the CSE notoriety for which it is now famous world-wide. But what they have delivered is a town on its knees, almost bankrupt and not down to government cuts, but historical financial mis-management. As for poor old Brinsworth, could any Labour candidate come with more baggage?

    And we read lots about candidates not being from the ward, where would politics be without them? This is simply another red herring. Many of the problems in any one ward are replicated across the whole borough. I spend plenty of time talking to residents across the region and there are very few unique problems.

    The main thing is to have a dedicated party politician, independents or single party politicians produce manifestos with no chance of achieving any of it, they will simply be ignored especially by the ruling group.


  10. Dedicated party candidate? What you mean is one that follows the party line, UKIP tell us they don’t have a party whip and anyone can ask anything, very commendable but they could at least try and coordinate. Independents can make a good contribution and can stand up for our community. It would appear that toasted tea cakes has no real idea what a good constituency councillor is, the hardest working councillor is an independent, Clive Jepson, have a look at his attendance record. I spent a good part of the summer in meetings with the government inspector defending our green belt, Clive Jepson was there no other borough councillor was anywhere in sight, either from Dinnington or Anston. I am already doing what the other candidates say they will do, that is why Dinnington should vote for me on February 2nd.
    Dave Smith


  11. I agree about Clive. A very hard working gent indeed. I met him once at Anston Parish Council and he roasted everyone. Some call it bullying but I think it’s old fashioned commin putting people in order. I think he is a veteran? With his mushtash might be airforce possibly


  12. @LJoseph.
    ‘With his mushtash might be airforce possibly’
    Either cut down on the prescription drugs and/or attend APC meetings.
    Clive has been clean shaven for at least the last two years.


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