3 thoughts on “You can run but you can’t hide

  1. With apologies for blatant and unashamed plagiarism from the internet: An excellent article that exemplifies the need for meaningful consultation with the people and for genuine bottom-up involvement in the decision-making processes that affect our lives, our neighbourhoods, our communities and our futures. We have been patronised with empty words to give a warm, fuzzy feeling, whilst at the same time making clumsily veiled threats if the people do not go along quietly with what has already been decided, nicely wrapped as a verbal cathartic placebo. We must have all the information needed to give full and fair consideration of all the facts, before arriving at our decision, which must be respected. Devolution is nothing if not devolved to the lowest practicable level, but what we see is ever more imposition of top-down control. The people of Yorkshire have had ownership and control of the agenda stolen from them, and it is time for the political puppet poltroon parasites to go.


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