Ed Cox: Devolution – North needs to set out its own bold vision

THE Brexit vote marked a turning point for the nation, but all the more so for the North. Following the Scottish referendum, it was only a matter of time before those south of the border took their opportunity to send a clear message of discontent.

If as a nation the people spoke, in the North they shouted. Although in cities like Leeds people voted to Remain, in Yorkshire and the Humber the Leave vote stood at 58 per cent and, more locally, in places like the East Riding, Barnsley and Burnley this reached nearly 70 per cent.

On the face of it, the vote to Leave was a demand to repatriate powers from the machinery of the European Union and restore a greater sense of national sovereignty, but there were clearly more pervasive factors at play.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/ed-cox-devolution-north-needs-to-set-out-its-own-bold-vision-1-8335353


One thought on “Ed Cox: Devolution – North needs to set out its own bold vision

  1. Ed Cox = Living in cloud cuckoo land ! A vacuum underground travel system ?? Really ? A Peoples Assembly of the North consisting of 200 people chosen, at random from voting lists ? A recipe for disaster ! The Sheffield Region idea went up in smoke in the Courts ! How can you guarantee that this crazy idea could be passed, given the fact that the “so called” consultation on the above Sheffield Region, was a complete fit up by the local politicos ! Dream on Mr Cox.


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