Labour slates Ukip councillor for leaving job – who was grieving death of family members

Labour slates Ukip councillor for leaving job – who was grieving death of family members

A LABOUR MP has been branded as “disgusting” for claiming a Ukip councillor has “walked away” from his job when he is grieving the death of family members.

The Labour MP John Healey tweeted that a “Ukip councillor walked away from his job” from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

However, when councillor Ian Fennie resigned, he explained that he did not want to take public money for a job that he could not devote himself to following tragic family circumstances

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5 thoughts on “Labour slates Ukip councillor for leaving job – who was grieving death of family members

    • Poetmorgan

      Healey is so transparent you can see the splinters where ‘the sun doesn’t shine’ as well as that he has no ‘heart’. Trying to bury his own rotten news that was about to blow in The Daily Express today was a weak effort by him and his mate Mosely and wont have been missed by most.

      The juxtaposing of the Donor Register article is just so typical of Healey and the ‘Tiser and simply didn’t work. The register is admirable but not exactly Healey’s idea or innovation. Stranger still, although it stated he had been on the register for years he doesn’t seem to have much to donate as a result of myopia, a poor memory, having no heart and a ‘lily’ liver.

      It is also commonplace for the Rotherham Advertiser to miss the scoops (remember Rotherham CSE?) despite knowing Guido Fawkes (along with Private Eye, the parliamentary politicians’ favourites) had picked up on Healey’s shoddy and dishonest behaviour.

      The Tiser put Healey’s donor register article online yesterday (allowing a link for his ‘good’ work) but no reporting online of his less than juvenile and dishonest, misdemeanour. That no doubt, will wait for the paper version on Friday, when it will become old and recycled news but ‘safe’ as it can be picked up online from national sources like the Daily Express and Guido.

      Of course, the paper version also prevents an online link from the ‘Tiser to and further tries to ‘protect’ itself and Healey. The Rotherham Advertiser not only misses golden opportunities for scoops but demonstrates bias. Cleary it is frightened of upsetting its Labour mates. It lacks courage and the ability to carry out serious investigations and reporting. It is stultified by the fear of litigation but cannot distinguish between relevant and appropriate reporting and that which is not.

      Thank goodness for the calibre of Andrew Norfolk (and others) whose bravery, courage and integrity, act in the best interests of the public whom they serve whilst bringing about significant change including national policy.


  1. I challenge John Healey to a public debate (with or without his Labour party candidate) where he will have the opportunity to explain his despicable comments. He can also explain why he and his party should be trusted given their miserable record in Rotherham and why the sitting MP for this ward is conspicuous by his absence during this election.


  2. It is disgusting that the attack dog Healey should go after Ian in this way I know him and even though our politics are not the same he is a decent honest man. I have lost count of how many Useless Labour councillors have hung on for grim death to keep the money rolling in, Ian had the honesty and integrity to resign when he couldn’t give his full attention to the job. He should be admired not vilified by a cretin like Healey, as for Sir Nutkin it is that time of year when he takes his nuts up a tree and stays there. It is a shame he doesn’t do this all the time, mind you he probably does.
    Dave Smith
    Independent candidate for Dinnington


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