98 per cent of Rotherham taxis now have CCTV

FOOTAGE from taxi cameras in Rotherham has been needed once so far – after a passenger attacked a driver.

Rotherham’s new licensing policy was introduced in July 2015 with the requirement for audio and video equipment from last summer.

Now 794 of the borough’s 811 taxi vehicles – about 98 per cent – have the kit installed or ordered.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/105735/98-per-cent-of-rotherham-taxis-now-have-cctv.aspx

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3 Responses to 98 per cent of Rotherham taxis now have CCTV

  1. Rotherham Tyke says:

    Wonder why then did a very pleasant taxi driver described his frusration to me as a passenger that the cameras he had paid to have fitted (according to RMBC recommended specification and suppliers) are completely useless at night as they do not have night vision?

    Did the list not make this clear?

  2. Linda Wheeler says:

    Typical !…..

  3. rothpol says:

    98% – sounds good, until other facts are added?
    25% of Rotherham Taxis are not registered in Rotherham and 100% of those do not have cameras!

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