Residents too afraid to go out at night

A MAJOR problem with drug dealing on an estate has residents fearing for their safety and afraid to go out at night, a councillor has claimed.

Cllr Kath Reeder spoke out about the issue blighting the area including Browning Road and Chaucer Road in Herringthorpe.

She said drug-related activity was leading to a rise in other types of crime, such as thefts from a nearby parade of shops.

Cllr Reeder, who represents Valley ward on Rotherham Borough Council, said: “It’s making people’s lives a misery and it feels like no-one will listen.

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5 thoughts on “Residents too afraid to go out at night

  1. Why have the Labour Councillors not seen this problem may be it could be because they are never
    On the patch they are voted to represent when was the last time Cllr Jayne a senior seen around the ward she is paid to represent then again when was she last seen in the town hall ??
    Well done Cllr reader for doing your job


  2. You will only see councillors when they need your vote. Let’s face it people who work cannot be councillors because they work, people who can’t ,/won’t work become councillors.


  3. Elaine
    For your information I think you will find UKIP Councillor Cath Reader works for the Rotherham Hospice and still manages to attend to her Council duties and gets out and about in her ward


  4. It is noticeable that neither Kerry Albiston nor Jayne Senior-Labour councillors for Valley ward-
    have not spoken out or taken any positive action against drugs and drug related crimes in the area they were elected to represent.
    Jayne Senior is also a member of the Improving Lives Select Commission. Not much improvement for the local residents it seems?


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