If Remainers are so democratic, why do they insist on subverting the will of the people?

Despite Mrs May’s speech, there are still some tragic figures in our public life who pretend to be democratic politicians, but who wish to subvert and ignore democracy. The ridiculous Tim Farron, semi-hysterical leader of the Liberal Democrats, has rebuked Jeremy Corbyn for asking Labour MPs to vote for the triggering of Article 50. Mr Farron and his eight Lib Dem colleagues seem to think they should exercise a veto on the views of 17.2 million people.

But, far worse, we have Nicola Sturgeon manufacturing such outrage at what Mrs May said that, despite the people of Scotland saying they wish to stay in the United Kingdom, she says there may have to be another referendum because she will not accept being in the United Kingdom. Since she needs Westminster’s authority for a referendum – which, by the way, she would lose – and there is no sign of that, is she planning to declare UDI?

Read on… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/21/remainers-democratic-do-insist-subverting-will-people/


5 thoughts on “If Remainers are so democratic, why do they insist on subverting the will of the people?

  1. Not often I find myself agreeing with the Heffer-lump. I am continually amazed by the omniscience of remainers who seem to be able to look into my mind to see why I voted Brexit, and nauseated by the self-righteous arrogance too: oh, you only voted Brexit because you are too stupid to understand the issues (intellectual arrogance), you are a xenophobic racist (self-righteous arrogance), you are old and your opinion doesn’t count (fascist ageist arrogance). Sturgeon WILL get a rude shock when the million or so Scots who voted in the Independence referendum but couldn’t be bothered to vote in the EU Referendum re-emerge. Tim Farron’s resurgence is nothing of the sort. The number of L-D votes in Richmond was hardly bigger than the previous election when his little gang was trounced (go check the figures). He had the Greens in his camp and the Conservatives just did not bother. They will when it really counts. But there are limits to my agreement with Heff. Yes, I believe Britain will prosper as we trade with the USA, Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, India and the scores of countries not in the EU and doing ok, thank you very much. (And we will be sooooo glad we are out of it when the EU starts to fail and break up – watch this space). But the prosperity we accrue must truly spread around to the whole nation, not just the top 1%. It must be reinvested in rebuilding a just and healthy nation. We have a golden opportunity to make ourselves prosperous and happy, with enough left over to help others by exporting aid, expertise, friendship, peace and democratic values. Carpe Diem…


    • Rev,
      ” The number of L-D votes in Richmond was hardly bigger than the previous election when his little gang was trounced” . Really?
      That’a not how I see it.
      but no matter.

      Regarding the Remainers and their subversion of the will of the people.
      What would have happened it the result had been to remain?
      “Nigel Farage wants second referendum if Remain campaign scrapes narrow win
      The Ukip leader speaks to the Mirror’s Associate Editor Kevin Maguire and warns that a ’52-48 result would be unfinished business'”
      … and what was the actual result:
      Leave Vote share: 51.9%
      Remain Vote share: 48.1%


      • …and I would truly hope that nothing you have experienced equates to the totally unjustified attacks on our High Court Justices and on Gina Millar in the Daily Mail and Daily Express.

        Just one example:
        “Any wonder Remainers won? Article 50 judge founded EU INTEGRATION group”

        Just try googling “subversion of the will of the people remainers” – you’ll see what I mean.

        Regarding the Telegraph article above – as any reader of Private Eye knows the DT is in a bad way. Like the current Independent, it is largely click-bait.

        all best wishes


      • Thanks Rotherham Tyke and Reg, thanks, you are quite right. I got the 2015 and 2010 elections confused. The L-D vote went up to 20.5k in 2016 from 11.4k in 2015. But that might include some of the 3.5k Greens from 2015 who agreed to support the L-Ds (and possibly some tactical switches from Labour who collapsed from 7.3k to 1.5k). But, even so, L-Ds were at 25.3k in 2010 so I think my point about the non-resurgence being stymied by the reappearance of the Tory vote stands.


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