Labour Dirty Tricks in Brinsworth & Catcliffe

….or a big fat labour lie!

Shabana Ahmed, the Labour candidate for Brinsworth & Catcliffe, has been up to dirty tricks putting a Brinsworth address on her letter to mislead voters, making them think she lives in the ward, whereas in actual fact she lives in Whiston.

See attached letter, and the statement of persons nominated (below).


brinsworth-catcliffe-shabana-ahmed-letterbrinsworth-catcliffe-statement-of-persons-nominatedSent these by a reader who thought other readers might like to see them too.

They show Shabana Ahmed’s real address:

page_00001 page_00002 page_00003 page_00004page_00001 page_00002 page_00003 page_00004We have also been sent these links to information on the address being used as subterfuge by labour:

6, Fairburn Gardens, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 5PF – last sold 2003

Businesses in S60 5PF


South Yorkshire Carpet Contractors – Carpet Fitting

6, Fairburn Gardens, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 5PF
—- last updated 10 Jan 2017

12 thoughts on “Labour Dirty Tricks in Brinsworth & Catcliffe

  1. They care so much for local jobs they take their printing out of Rotherham to Newcastle instead of supporting local printers and local jobs


  2. I beleive they have used Reg Littleboys address on her main election leaflet also
    Rotherham Labour still misleading the people they think


  3. What does anyone expect from this odious woman, other than untruths? She, to use an old
    fashioned expression,” couldn’t lie straight in bed” ! Just ask her paramour – he should know !


  4. wasn’t Ms Shabana one of those who were “thrown out” for being
    “Not fit for purpose”
    Then last May, like many others, tried to fool voters by crawling back in under the Red Flag?
    Perhaps she thinks voters can be fooled twice?
    Some people just take not give…


  5. The only time I’ve ever dealt with her when I wrote to her about a particular issue.

    The one line response of about four words told me all I needed to know.

    I’d not vote for her, any self respecting socialist wouldn’t.


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  7. First of all, I dont live in the Brinsworth ward so I’m getting this 2nd hand which is always a bit iffy, but…

    I have been told that labour also has a leaflet with writing about the new school to be built at waverley alongside a picture of people in hard hats and hi vis vests with shovels.
    Last time i went past what i thought was the waverley school site there was no sign of any school being started at all.
    Is there anyone on here from waverley that can confirm or deny any school building work ?
    or is there anyone on here connected with labour that can confirm the photo is genuine or taken in someones back garden 🙂


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