7 thoughts on “Meet Steve Webster UKIP candidate Brinsworth & Catcliffe

  1. Slight error in the referendum result I have reported, I have wrote 63% when the actual result for Rotherham was 68% this was an oversight on my part before sending to Rik.


    • “Remember 63% of residents voted to leave the EU…”
      “I have wrote 63% when the actual result for Rotherham was 68% this was an oversight on my part”
      Both figures are incorrect as stated.
      Electorate: 197,623
      Those who voted to Leave the EU: 93,272
      Thus 47.20% of residents of a voting age voted to leave the EU.

      Click to access Rotherham%20voting%20area%20totals.pdf

      (I do know what he intended to say, but he didn’t say it.)


  2. Same old U.K.I.P. twaddle. Wy are leaving the Eu so that is old news. The people achieved this not ukip. How will you ‘hold the council to account’? Will this be to object to everything the same as the current politically inept so called opposition?


    • Shaun, I fail to see where the current UKIP opposition object to everything.

      I have seen them vote for, against, and abstain so your notion is truly bizarre.

      Equally UKIP councillors speak much more than many Labour councillors do, and some UKIP councillors have asked over 5 times as many questions as some Labour counterparts, most Labour councillors have asked none.

      UKIP also put many motions forward, with another going through on Wednesday.

      The difficulty is numerical. UKIP have 13 at current and Labour have 48 with 1 Indeoendent. It’s very hard to oppose anything on those numbers but we try our best.


    • Without ukip,do you really think there would have been a referendum . Ukip made the government hold the referendum, the people then voted out


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