Surely the people of Rotherham deserve better and no be fooled into electing dross to represent them again?

This comment left by Rotherham Tyke deserved wider attention:

On Saturday, Shagbama was finally sighted in Brinsworth driving her white Mercedes. The car, allegedly supplied by Asbo Akhtar as a gift, should have the words ‘supplied by Asbo Akhtar’, supported by ‘let me touch you up Roddison’ emblazoned on the side to make it more authentic.

Everyone is aware of her colourful past, and in particular the question of parentage. Shagbama cariies more baggage than an airline, and has been recycled more times than waste paper.

We see she is supported again in her attempt to deceive by the Labour party itself; supplying a false residential address on campaign literature, All designed to mislead voters by suggesting that she lives in Brinsworth when she actually lives in Whiston.

When questioned she suggests Reg Littleboy of Brinsworth is her election agent, whilst officially (and on all election documentation) her election agent is identified as fellow Momentum member, Cllr Richard Price of Maltby. Memory lapses or a deliberate attempt to mislead? I leave it you to form your own opinion.

What does all this subterfuge and deceit tell you about Read and Healey? Well, it suggests that they fully endorse this type of behaviour and despite their attempts to proclaim honesty and decency as their mantra, they are as morally corrupt as the shameful Shagbama.

As leader, Read is expected to demonstrate sound judgement (coupled with integrity) yet he allows the selection of this dubious character as a candidate, and then has the gall to say ‘they have learned now and changed as it’s a new start’. I think not.

In Dinnington the choice of candidate is little better, another old ‘has been’ or ‘never was’ councillor but an ex RMBC council officer who is brought out when there is no one else.

Surely the people of Rotherham deserve better and no be fooled into electing dross to represent them again?

Rotherham Tyke

6 thoughts on “Surely the people of Rotherham deserve better and no be fooled into electing dross to represent them again?

  1. I find the language and tone of this article offensive, being grossly misogynistic. She is belittled in a way that would never have been applied to a male politician, regardless of their behaviour.

    I am all for exposing the political failures of Shaban Ahmed, and as readers know have myself raised a smile about her relationship with Akhtar. That smile was raised at both their expense.

    However this article is not humerous, the nickname applied to her is the language of smutty boys and bar room drunks. Veritably the changing room language so beloved of Donald Trump.

    Comments about parentage are wholly unjustified, and risk smearing the innocent..or at least raising unfair doubts, doubts that will be difficult to put straight.


  2. Why is the language and tone used any different than what her ex Akhtar ( if he is ) and his Child grooming buddies probably said about the children that they exploited and used. The Rotherham Labour party should hang their heads in shame to be even considering putting up a crony of Akhtar’s to serve the decent people of Brinsworth and Catcliffe shame on you Read and co


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