Five guilty in Rotherham child sex abuse trial

FIVE men have been found guilty of sexually exploiting two young girls at flats in Rotherham more than a decade ago.

Brothers Basharat Dad (32), of Eldon Road in Eastwood, Nasar Dad (36), of Cranworth Road in Eastwood and Tayab Dad (34) of St Lawrence Road in Tinsley, were convicted today after a three-week trial at Sheffield Crown Court, along with Matloob Hussain (41), of Doncaster Road in Thrybergh and Mohammed Sadiq (40), of Oxley Grove in Broom.

Basharat Dad was convicted of six counts of rape, five counts of indecent assault and one count of false imprisonment.

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Sheffield and Rotherham men found guilty of sex attacks on young girls

Five men have been found guilty of sex attacks on two young girls, who were raped and held hostage.

Three brothers – Tayab Dad, aged 34, of St Lawrence Road, Tinsley, Sheffield; Basharat Dad, 32, of Eldon Road, Eastwood, Rotherham and Nasar Dad, 36, of Cranworth Road, Eastwood, Rotherham – were among a group of men who abused two young girls in Eastwood, Rotherham, between 1999 and 2001.

Basharat Dad was found guilty of six counts of rape, five counts of indecent assault and one count of false imprisonment; Nasar Dad, was found guilty of rape, inciting indecency with a child and false imprisonment.

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Men found guilty of child sex exploitation

Five men have been found guilty today (Wednesday January 25) at Sheffield Crown Court of sexually exploiting two young girls from Rotherham.

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Men guilty of Rotherham child sexual abuse charges

Five men have been found guilty of the sexual abuse of two girls in Rotherham.

Matloob Hussain, Mohammed Sadiq and brothers Basharat, Nasser and Tayab Dad, were convicted at Sheffield Crown Court.

The offences date back to the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the girls were given alcohol and cannabis and intimidated into performing sex acts.

The men are due to be sentenced on 2 February.

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20 Responses to Five guilty in Rotherham child sex abuse trial

  1. Loudmouth says:

    Once again, concratulations to the authorities, for another fine job. At least another bunch of Pakistani Peaophiles, won’t be strutting around, thinking their invincible. The usual lies about not knowing each other and it wasn’t me, didn’t work. Classic new one though, a misunderstanding lol. Nuff respect to those girls, now women, your bravery brings shame to all those public officials who let you down so badly before. Time Ian Thomas, stops hugging the limelight and pretending he’s doing a good job. The evidence to convict these monsters were there all the time, just better coppers with morals. Find all 1400+ girls, then you can claim credit. As for the Pakistani/Muslim, or whatever you call yourself, be afraid, be very afraid, your’ll never know which one of you scum is next?

  2. PDQ says:

    Does anyone know which judge presided at this trial?

  3. Colin Tawn says:

    While I’m happy the five men have been found guilty I would say to Loudmouth that unless victims of any and all crimes are prepared to make a witness statement and appear in court (or give evidence via video link) then no amount of hard work by the police will result in convictions.

    I think the perpetrators of sex crimes against young people rely on their victims to keep quiet and in this particular case credit should be given to the two young girls for being prepared to relive the horrors they suffered.
    Complete silence from messrs. Barron,Champion and Healey which is appalling given that Champion is Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Abuse and Domestic Violence (Allegedly)

    • Loudmouth says:

      Very true, but these young, frighten children, are now grown women, who, excuse the pun, have grown a bigger pair, than the gutless w****** you mention above. Nothing like a little revenge, especially served cold and after time!!

    • reg reader says:

      Check Champion’s twitter feed – 2:44 pm – 25 Jan 2017
      Hardly silent on the verdict.

      • Colin Tawn says:

        I’m not signed up to the Twitterati and IMV texting a few words to other Twitter users does not constitute a public statement.
        Why are our local MP’s so frightened and ashamed to publicly denounce men of ‘Asian heritage’ who defiled young girls?

  4. Xinsider says:

    I was unhappy with the local TV news coverage about the trial. All the guilty Pakistani men were said to been convicted of “sex offences”. This downplayed the severity of the rapes, drugging of the children etc ! These crimes should be reported fully – not “glossed over” ! This series of trials will continue for some time and the facts must be kept in the public mind fully so they do not become “run of the mill” events ! It will also keep RMBC and SYP failures to the forefront !

    • Parsonage says:

      “This series of trials will continue for some time and the facts must be kept in the public mind fully so they do not become “run of the mill” events ! ”

      There doesn’t seem to be any national coverage of this – so run of the mill they don’t even see fit to report it apparently

      Just like the Muslim sex gang in Chelmsford

      After all they wouldn’t want to have the general public able to contextualise the epidemic and gauge the scale or its truly appalling nature.

      Do these pc media scum in the BBC/Guardian etc self censor or are they operating under some central direction, or a bit of both? There’s a question.

      • reg reader says:

        … and the answer is no! there is no central direction or conspiracy. They simply don’t have your obsession with the subject – there are things happening in the world today that are far more important than what happened in Chelmsford.

        The media scum are the Sun, Star, Mail and Express, not the Guardian or the BBC.

        … and certainly, if you look at the local sites of the BBC , eg you will see it covered.


        • Parsonage says:

          “and the answer is no! there is no central direction or conspiracy.”

          How do you know?

          “They simply don’t have your obsession with the subject……”

          That extends to hardly reporting major grooming gang trials like Halifax at all

          A racially/religiously motivated/aggravated grooming, rape, sexual torture, prostituting, corrupting epidemic isn’t of much of any importance – it would be if the ethnicities were reversed of course, of that there is absolutely no doubt – the Guardian would be shrieking its head off.

          “there are things happening in the world today that are far more important than what happened in Chelmsford.”

          You could say the same the same for Rotherham

          Obviously Rotherham and Chelmsford are part of a much wider pattern, and that is the point which you won’t face

          “and certainly, if you look at the local sites of the BBC…….”

          Local news, yes – but can’t you understand this sentence?

          “After all they wouldn’t want to have the general public able to contextualise the epidemic and gauge the scale or its truly appalling nature.”

  5. Albion says:

    Lets not forget that serious attempts to gag this site were made to stop Rik shinning a light on this very dark chapter in Rotherham’s history, Rotherham/Bradford Politics a hateful site attacked Rik at every opportunity, contributors to their vile pages no doubt gave the criminals an increased feeling of being totally untouchable.

    While these criminals carried out their attacks on vulnerable children did anyone from the Pakistani community know about their activities and stay silent, did politicians close ranks under the mantra of political correctness, and did community leaders know?

    Credit to the police officers involved in the investigation, I do hope that the victims are receiving the support they need, and to those behind Rotherham/Bradford Politics you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  6. Linda Wheeler says:

    Viewing the RMBC webcast public question time shows the consistent and undeniable contempt shown to the real concerns of the general public of Rotherham…I am afraid hell would freeze over before any hope of transparency, truth and justice would come out of the Town Hall in it’s present form….
    They seem blissfully unaware that they are cultivating for themselves a group in society who will supersede them with another kind of authority even less benevolent than themselves and they won’t like it when it happens….
    RMBC should try to redeem themselves while there is time.
    In case anyone thinks this post comes from a revolutionary I am afraid it comes from a very observant granny who thinks history can teach us something if we are willing… I see no evidence of that in the Rotherham Town Hall.

  7. poetmorgan says:

    The power of the press is the power to suppress. The national broadcast media seemed silent on this news yesterday.

  8. poetmorgan says:

    Why is “proof” demanded? Our brains are tuned into pattern recognition. Clouds are just collections of water droplets and yet we can see the difference between preyty puffs of cotton wool and a storm cloud.
    I did not need to have served on a destroyer to recognize smokescreens when they are being laid down.
    Is loyalty to a group or party more important than righting great wrongs done to children?

    • Linda Wheeler says:

      To PoetMorgan. It’s clear to me at least, the first loyalty of many councilors is the extra disposable income being a RMB Councilor brings… Being ‘Labour’ guarantees that for them in Rotherham town. Watching RMBC webcast confirms it beyond reasonable doubt.
      With these priorities, CSE is something in the distant past for them and their vain hope is the rest of Rotherham will ‘move on’ as they clearly have done a very long time ago……

      • poetmorgan says:

        1400 and their kin and kith will not go along with that

        • Linda Wheeler says:

          Poetmorgan…….. Do you watch the webcasts or sit in the public gallery of the Council meetings ?…. A real eye opener. I have ‘tuned in’ for last 2 or 3 years….
          Only time will tell but from my observation of Town Hall councilors the burden of guilt is so immense that it now seems they are incapable of admitting individually and corporately they stuffed up and are genuinely sorry….You can easily tell by the spin they use in their meetings when faced with a simple question related to the CSE or any other matters of concern from the general public.
          For the survivors and families my hope and advice would be ” don’t waste precious time waiting for justice. You can live again” I would rather be remembered as an overcomer than waiting for justice that will never come out of the Town Hall or law enforcement in this matter.
          Eventually, there is natural justice at work but you have to live long enough to see it. A clear conscience is priceless.
          A question I would like to ask councilors and all associated with the CSE is “What will YOU be remembered for”….. There are some things a few quid at tax payers expense can never compensate for…..

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  10. poetmorgan says:

    Few, if any, councillors up and down this land will be remembered for what they do right. Some of this crew will be written up in history books for their stupidity and the evil they nourished.
    I am familiar with councils and their workings. The body language is usually. More telling than the verbal overflowing.
    RSPB video feeds of cuckoo chicks are akin to council feeds and the parasitism more in your face obvious.

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