Garnett Dickinson goes through administration

Rotherham print group Garnett Dickinson has been acquired out of administration in a deal which has safeguarded 125 jobs.

Based in a £20m state-of-the-art facility in Manvers, the group specialises in large run multi pagination printing and customers include high profile monthly magazines and luxury catalogue brands.

Nicholas Alexander bought Garnett Dickinson Group, with the exception of its digital operation, for an undisclosed sum in 2015 and instigated a restructure of the operations. Alexander had stepped down from the board at Garnett Dickinson after leading a management buyout (MBO) of subsidiary, Acorn Web Offset, in 2013.

Jonny Marston and Howard Smith of KPMG, were appointed as joint administrators to the business on January 24 2017 after the business ran into cash flow difficulties due to operational issues.

Garnett Dickinson Print Ltd had a turnover of £17.2m and made an operating loss of just over a £1m in the year to September 30 2015.

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Print company sale secures jobs

MANVERS-based Garnett Dickinson Print has been sold in a move to safeguard 125 jobs.

A spiralling pension deficit following the Brexit vote, combined with cost overruns surrounding the installation of a secondhand press, were given as being among the reasons for the sale.

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3 thoughts on “Garnett Dickinson goes through administration

  1. I’m not sure that the second hand press installation was the culprit, when the same business lost over a million pounds in the previous year, once again suppliers , customers and the poor old pensioners take the hit
    Well done folks and best of luck to those that remain, it’s probably been a bumpy road so far , and could get bumpier


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