Council’s £18,000 bill to stream meetings

WEBCASTS of council meetings cost £18,000 a year, it has been revealed.

Since the introduction of webcasts by Rotherham Borough Council in September 2014, there have been 16,823 views of 201 meetings.

Full council meetings and various committees are put live online to allow people to see proceedings.

The contract costs the council £18,000 a year with the service provided by Public-i.

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The latest meetings and older can be viewed here:


2 thoughts on “Council’s £18,000 bill to stream meetings

  1. Brilliant for seeing how badly some councillors perform. You can spot the talent (not) we pay a fortune for, and check on which councillors actually turn up. You can also sit and watch nearly all the councillors sitting there, who do not say anything meeting after meeting, just stick up their hands to vote when told to do so.
    Everyone in Rotherham should be made to watch the films, just to see the value for money we don`t get.


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