Petition Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

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Leeds solicitor behind Trump petition welcomes support

THE LEEDS solicitor behind a petition protesting at plans to welcome Donald Trump on a state visit to Britain has described the huge support for it as “absolutely crazy”.

Graham Guest, who described himself as “not politically active” submitted his petition to Parliament several weeks ago and admitted he was surprised when support for it took off today.

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Anti-Trump demo in Sheffield set to be attended by over 1,000 protesters

A demonstration against US Presidents Donald Trump’s plan to restrict travel to America is to be held in Sheffield tonight.

Around 1,000 people have signed up to attend the event via a Facebook post advertising the gathering outside Sheffield Town Hall at 6pm.

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1,579,837 signatures so far

24 thoughts on “Petition Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

  1. I would be interested to hear the petitioner’s reasons why this should cause embarrassment to the Queen. Are they omniscient and a seer, foreseeing outcomes that we mere mortals cannot? Trump would cause no more embarrassment than say, the Chinese…


  2. This is a petition dreamed up by whinging liberal lefties who cannot and will not accept British citizens have no say or jurisdiction over the President of the USA or his policies.
    Trump has hit the ground running and the poor darlings are getting their nappies in a knot.
    Who gives them any authority to interfere with the domestic policies of another country?


    • Colin,
      “Who gives them any authority to interfere with the domestic policies of another country?”

      Try reading what the petition actually says.


      • @rr
        I did read it hence my comments.
        “but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen”
        How do these snowflakes ‘know’ HM will be embarrassed?.

        I’m waiting for the lefties and assorted weirdos to protest about Hillary Clinton and Obama’s ban on all Iraqi’s for 6 months in 2011. Or Kim Jong Un murdering members of his own family.
        Why are they not protesting about the 16 countries that ban Israelis and people with an Israeli visa stamp in their passports?

        Typical of the Left and the Twitterati; Here’s a passing bandwagon, I’ll jump on.


        • Colin,
          “Why are they not protesting about the 16 countries that ban Israelis and people with an Israeli visa stamp in their passports?”
          Well, what you do when you arrive, is politely ask that they don’t stamp your passport. That’s what I used to do, and they never did stamp it. They had cards that they would stamp instead, and you just carried the card around with you in your passport.
          (Arriving in apartheid RSA though, they weren’t so helpful. Had to get a new passport after that. Never went back.)
          Korea I know nothing about, but a friend from school days spent 4 years in S. Korea and recently e-chatted about his time there:
          “South Korea was not undeveloped when we were there. I just did not enjoy working with people who lied frequently. Their concept of morality was unlike anything I had ever experienced either before or since.” He was happiest living in Japan.
          So I am not going to get protesting about Kim Jong Un and his family squabbles.
          I did protest when I heard what happened to this dear friend of mine: – a decent man, we had dinner together the night before I left Addis for the final time. After regime-change, 8 years in prison without trial, died 6 months after release.
          But honestly, I have little time for any “what-about-ism” . …and do you really have to use terms like “snowflake” “whinging liberal lefties “, ” lefties and assorted weirdos”, to describe other people, it doesn’t help it can only hinder, and there are probably far more things we agree on than disagree on.



  3. I would welcome Mr Trump …. he told people what he would do if he got elected … and now he is doing it the MINORITY are moaning ..stuff them….. well done Mr Trump.


      • Has Donald Trump been certified Reg?….. You normally give links for verification which I suspect you won’t be able to do on this one.
        By contrast, watching Hilary Clinton’s interviews by Congress one can say beyond reasonable doubt she is a systematic liar and indirectly responsible for the brutal murder of the American Ambassador to Bengazi and his staff by ignoring 12 months of pleas by Chris Stevens for extra security…Mr Stevens was murdered in the most brutal and unspeakable way and she lied to the American people about the circumstances that brought about his slaughter. These things are verifiable watching her being question by Congress on youtube.
        Her bare faced lies before Congress regarding the receiving of thousands of classified information on her personal emails compromising the security of America is on youtube for anyone to see.
        Hilary Clinton’s whole hearted support of partial birth abortion ( readers please understand this procedure) of late term pregnancy is indefensible. Infanticide on a massive scale….
        Perhaps the American people took the time to view these interviews with congress because they can no longer trust a bias media distortion of truth.
        The people voted; it’s their business…… the rest of us need to deal with our own s…
        There is plenty of it.


  4. What do the following countries have in common? Tunisia, Turkey, Kazahkstan, Comoros, Bangladesh, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Algeria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgistan, Pakistan, Indonesia. Yep, you’ve got it, they are all Muslim majority countries where Trump’s travel ban does NOT apply. The ban only lasts 90 days and does not apply to Green Card holders and it applies to all citizens of the seven most unstable states in the world, including non Muslims. Is the left wing opposition an hysterical over-reaction that flies in the face of facts and common sense? After all, Bill Clinton addressed the Senate in 1995, saying border controls needed tightening and he got a standing ovation. Trump, who as commander in chief has a duty to protect the security of the country, takes what is actually a fairly modest measure, in a much less stable world, and he is evil incarnate. There seems to be a collective madness taking a grip?


  5. Trump is doing what the Amercan people voted him in to do I say well done not like our undemocratic lot who are doing everything in their powers to avoid doing what the majority of people in Briton told them to do if Trump was here we would be well on our way out of the EU by now our politicians need to take a leaf out of his book


  6. Refusing a visit from the Head of State of a large country we are trying (and need) to improve trade links with does not strike me as the height of intelligence – I wonder, sometimes, what world these protestors live in. Habit One in Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” talks of not wasting time and energy reacting negatively to things you cannot influence…


  7. Two things are pertinent to this thread IMO.
    Trump has signed a piece of paper that delays immigration-from mainly Muslim countries-for 90 days To promote the myth he has ‘banned’ immigration is Fake News.
    The majority of the protestors are white and always have a rent-a-quote spokesperson on hand to pontificate to the MSM. The largest number of protestors are in the London area.
    For the rest of our country this in a Non Event and rightly so IMV.
    Politeness bars me from using terms to describe what I really think about people who do not seem to have a job but find the time to protest or they have jobs and are taking either a holiday or pretend they are too ill to work today and follow a leftist agenda.
    Large crowd protests in Britain cannot or will not persuade the President of the USA to modify one of his domestic policies, he’s doing what he said he would do before he was elected.
    Like it or not, the majority of political protests in Britain are organised and led by the Left.
    Weirdos? Labour supporting and aspiring politician Eddie Izzard springs to mind.
    Whinging. What other word describes people who spend time ‘protesting’ about something they do not like and were/are not involved in?
    The ‘snowflake generation’. Mainly young adults who are less resilient and more prone to taking offence than their parents generation.
    They seem to know more about ‘rights’ than ‘responsibilities’.

    You’re right, we agree more often than disagree but on this occasion we’ll have to agree to disagree. (Hope that makes sense?)


  8. Just out of curiosity why not set up a petition of people who want to welcome Trump to our country. Lets see what the results of that would be ! It was the same after Brexit when the Re moaners did the same and who’s to say the the same people aren’t signing time after time


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