UK Trump protests grow

Trump travel ban: Thousands join protests across UK

Thousands of people have joined protests in London and in cities around the UK against a controversial travel ban on seven mainly Muslim countries imposed by US President Donald Trump.

The ban bars citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

MPs are holding an emergency debate on the immigration measures.

A petition calling for Prime Minister Theresa May to cancel Mr Trump’s planned state visit to the UK has been signed more than 1.4 million times.

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Sheffield below. A BBC reporter in Sheffield says the protest is the biggest he’s ever seen outside the Town Hall









VIDEO: More than 2000 protesters gather in Sheffield for mass demonstration against President Trump’s ‘divisive travel ban’

More than 2000 protesters gathered in Sheffield city centre this evening for a demonstration against US President Donald Trump’s controversial plan to restrict travel to America.

President Trump has placed a ban on refugees and travellers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the US or being issued with an immigrant or non-immigrant visa while a 90-day extreme vetting process is carried out. Britons with dual nationality with the seven countries will not be affected.
Placard-waving protesters turned out in force outside the Town Hall at 6pm this evening to voice their concern.

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To sign the petition click here:

1,579,837 signatures so far


11 thoughts on “UK Trump protests grow

  1. “C’mon quick,TV cameras are at t’Town ‘All” “Whatsit abaht?” “Dunno but we’ll be on t’ telly” “Right”.
    I didn’t know Parka’s and flat ‘ats were still in fashion?

    It’s a pity the Biased Broadcasting Corporation did not ask people at random for an explanation of why they were there and why they think Trump’s action is wrong-after reminding them Obama did a similar thing in 2011.

    ‘………….the protest is the biggest he’s ever seen outside the Town Hall’. There is a very good reason for that; When was the last time a large crowd held a protest meeting outside Sheffield Town Hall?


    • Watched it on Facebook live I’d say 200 at most (mostly students)at the start of the speeches and a few more later, probably,like Collin says trying to get on camera


    • I decided my own first impressions of Donald were coloured by his dyed hair and fake tan …I take back all my rude comments about him. Thus far I admire his guts…. In very short supply these days.


      • Proberbly the smartest president ever. The only politician I know who is doing what he said he would at remarkable speed. i have yet to see a logical response against anything he has done so far…


  2. Who are these people ? politically correct do gooders ! Get a life we wouldn’t thank the Yanks for protesting against our laws and all i see is a man who wants to protect his own people. Perhaps if this had been done years ago not only in America but in Britain and other European countries we might not have had so many of the atrocities that have been committed by ISIS and other fanatics who just want to come in to our countries and take take take. Good on ya TRUMP i just wish our politicians were as quick to keep their manifesto promises when they get in to power and not drag their feet like they so often do


  3. Pity they didnt feel motivated into standing up for children being abused on their own doorstep. I assume they didnt mind these same muslims, being bombed to death for years on end, for having leaders they actually elected. I assume these protesters dont mind France swooping in and taking over our nuclear defences, the european military union will leave us unable to defend ourselves. France will then hand the reigns to central government AKA Germany, Germany is arming itself to the teeth, this country has no defences left, why arent people protesting this fact? Simples….. because theyv not been told to.


  4. Says it all about these Femistasi multicultural leftards, who protest about one man, whom they accused of being a sexists etc, who hasn’t even committed a crime and was elected by democratic means, carrying out his policy of stopping certain people, entering his country. Yet these same people, never battered an eyelid, when innocent little children were being raped and abused, by the same Muslims, there protesting about their rights and freedoms. Sickening, cowardly scum.

    See the BBC found time and resources to report this shower, yet still haven’t done a proper investigation into Pakistani child abuse of little white girls, around tod country. Wonder why??


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