9 thoughts on “Chris Read writes to Amber Rudd re the proposed EDL March

  1. Read fails to mention it was his party’s councillors in Rotherham with the turning a blind eye to the CSE issues in Rotherham that is in the main responsible for these demonstrations


    • The protests, which I understand are still legal in England, would, I am sure, be peaceful if the UAF etc troublemakers were clamped down on. From what I have seen, it is not the EDL causing the trouble so much as those who do not believe they should be allowed to voice an opinion which those troublemakers do not share. That is fascism.


      • The acquittal of the Rotherham 12 and the convictions of 4 far right protesters following the September 2015 protests do not support what you have seen.


        • Come on Robin …wake up ..did you see the Wellgate riot videos on youtube ? it was downright laughable to call it self defence …. and the acquittal of the said 12 was a result of pandering to these hooligans and a fear of being classed as racist …. I am sick to death of left wing muslim apologists moaning about EDL and Britain First who come to town to protest about the filthy scummy peadophiles that caused these very people to come to town in the first place …. WAKE THE F$%K UP …I welcome these groups and so do a lot of other people in the town ….so please don’t include me when you say they are not welcome .. as for the trouble caused on protest days it only comes from one side …the UAF counter demonstrations … look at the very recent case of the 6 charged and sentenced to 81 years between them ..two of them shouted allaha ahkbar (excuse spelling) are people just expected to take this sitting down ? of course people will be angry and feel the need to protest … you reap what you sow …


        • 1st time user – you may recall the EDL demo of September 2014 (their biggest ever in Rotherham). The police reported that at least 20 far right groups were present in our town that day. A few of them were fighting against each other with no provocation from any counter demonstration. Some went on to attack a local mosque. Why wouldn’t you welcome them?


  2. I like the way Read is mentioning the costs of these marches to policing and the local enconomy, as well has the increase in reported hate crimes. Funny how he is able to differentiate hate crimes againist the Pakistani’s and the hate crimes againist the little white girls and their families.

    As for murder, wasn’t Laura Wilson unlawfully killed. Talking about cost of policing, £4 million is a lot of money, but pales into insignificance compared to the cost of catching these Pakistani Peaophiles, his party allowed to committ these awful crimes. The figure mentioned above, isn’t even scratching the surface of the cost of investigation in Rotherham alone, never mind the rest of Yorkshire.

    As to cost to local businesses, do you think banning a march, will suddenly improve the image of the capital of child sexual abuse in Great Britain?


  3. What is he on about reductions of 70% in trade on these demonstration days ? don’t make me laugh Rotherham has become a place where no one wants to go anyway. What with sky high bus fares, shops boarded up no large stores ( how long before Primark moves to Parkgate the old BHS store is stood empty ) there is nothing worth going for except for an abundance of charity shops, pound shops and bargain stores ! even the outdoor market as diminished that much it’s no longer worth having. Come on Chris open your eyes the only time Rotherham gets any decent footfall is when the demonstrators come. Perhaps we should welcome them and get em to spend their money Lol


  4. I wonder if all the Packistani Pedophile’s clubbed together to get this letter wrote for him as he is not bright enough to write it himself, what a hypocrite he is and his Liebour party who turned a blind eye to all that was going on with these evil Packistani scum for years just to keep their vote for them. And which business are losing any trade due to protest marches as there is not many left in Rotherham compared to thirty years ago,unless he’s on about the Packistani taxi trade, and we all know that they are such a law abiding trust them with your kids business . Another complete waste of space got my picture in the advertiser again C… Reed.


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