Row as fire chief gets ‘secret’ payout for working through strikes

A DEPUTY chief fire officer is to receive a ‘secret’ £12,500 payment for working during strikes only a year after South Yorkshire Fire Authority secured an agreement with its chief officers to repay controversial overtime pay for the same work.

The Labour-dominated fire authority barred members of the public when it met to discuss and approve the payment to John Roberts, who at the time was in the process of leaving South Yorkshire to become West Yorkshire’s chief fire officer – a role he is due to begin today.

The authority has not responded to a series of questions about the arrangement but has said it is launching an internal investigation into how The Yorkshire Post learnt of the payment, which was approved on January 16.

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4 thoughts on “Row as fire chief gets ‘secret’ payout for working through strikes

  1. Cllr atkins shitpile….not me guv.
    He sees nowt and sez nowt but keeps taking the readies and perks for his ignorance. Snout in the troff.
    Another embarrasment to the labour party.


  2. This is another sign of stinking rotten Cllrs that want to reduce night time fire cover in Rotherham but see fit to pump dodgy cash packages like this to already very handsomely paid chief fire officers.

    Our firefighters want and deserve a damn signt better then this lot. Get rid of ’em.


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