Child sex ring jailed for 81 years for “vile” abuse of two Rotherham girls

SIX men who sexually abused two “naive and vulnerable” young girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago have been jailed for a total of 81-and-a-half years.

Three brothers and three other men were sentenced for 19 “vile” offences committed against two girls including rape and false imprisonment at Sheffield Crown Court today.

Five of the men were convicted at Sheffield Crown Court last Wednesday of sexually exploiting two young girls at flats on Fitzwilliam Road in Eastwood, while another admitted before the trial to sexually abusing one of the victims.

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Child sex abuse gang who exploited girls in Sheffield and Rotherham jailed for 81 years

Six men involved in horrific sex attacks on girls as young as 12 in Sheffield and Rotherham have today been jailed for a total of 81 and a half years.

Two of the defendants screamed ‘Allahu Akbar!’ as they were lead to the cells while on of the victims shouted ‘justice is served!’

Three brothers – Tayab Dad, aged 34, of St Lawrence Road, Tinsley, Sheffield; Basharat Dad, 32, of Eldon Road, Eastwood, Rotherham and Nasar Dad, 36, of Cranworth Road, Eastwood, Rotherham – were among a group of men who abused two young girls in Eastwood, Rotherham, between 1999 and 2001.

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‘Evil and truly evil’: Shouts of Allah as Rotherham gang who made girl of 12 pregnant are jailed for 81 years

A WOMAN who was sexually exploited by a number of men in Rotherham from the age of 11 and made pregnant when she was 12, has watched as five of her abusers were given jail sentences of up to 20 years. Six men were given sentences between 10 years and 20 years – and totalling more than 80 years – by a judge who heard details of how two young girls were groomed and sexually abused in the South Yorkshire town between 1999 and 2001.

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Men jailed for Rotherham child sexual abuse

Six men have been jailed for sexually abusing two girls who they plied with alcohol and cannabis.

One girl was 11 when the assaults began and was made pregnant at 12. The second girl was 13.

The offences took place between 1999 and 2001 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Two of the defendants shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they were led from the dock after sentencing. One of the victims shouted back “justice is served” as police moved into the public gallery.

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CSE TRIAL: Rotherham woman made pregnant aged 12 was ‘drawn into world of fear, rape and horrific abuse’

A woman who fell pregnant aged 12 after being repeatedly raped by a gang of abusers told a court: “There is evil and truly evil people in the world.”…

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18 thoughts on “Child sex ring jailed for 81 years for “vile” abuse of two Rotherham girls

  1. The biggest problem is the judge did not impose minimum sentences.
    Basharat Dad was sentenced to 20 years, he will serve only 10 years if he’s a good boy and doesn’t upset Big Bubba if he meets him while taking a shower.

    Why don’t we rent spaces in Guantanamo from the US. government?


  2. When looking for these scum, just look for families of brothers. It would seem child abuse, is a favourite past time of these vile siblings.


      • I would say that’s there way of being remorseful, but we’re talking about an arrogant race, who pretends there are superior and therefore they are never in the wrong. No comment of support from RR for his friends, perhaps another misunderstanding!!


        • This is too important an issue to allow you to try and divert us. Please do not use the word ‘scum’, there are plenty of less inflammatory and more accurate descriptive terms to use.


        • Rothpol I’m talking about the groomers and they are scum , I’m trying to divert nothing , give my ball back I’m going -)


  3. 81 and a half years between 6 of them it’s absolutely disgusting that averages out at a 13 and a half years each knock off time for good behaviour ! it’s nothing for what these children have been through I would have locked them up and thrown away the key


  4. 1 year on do your readers know how Rotherham folk are coping?
    How have the men involved in the Rotherham child sex grooming gang been treating their own wives?
    The one question nobody asks is how these men have been treating their sisters and wives

    Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Sunday 28 February 201687 comments

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    The Independent Online
    Brothers Arshid Hussain, 40, Basharat Hussain, 39, and Bannaras Hussain, 36, and (left to right bottom) Karen MacGregor, 58, (left), Shelley Davies, 40, and Qurban Ali, 53, were sentenced to a combined 103 years in prison South Yorkshire Police/PA
    The Pakistani Muslim men – three brothers and an uncle – who groomed, raped and destroyed young girls in Rotherham have been given long sentences. Two local white women have also been convicted of supplying girls to the men. The reactions to these verdicts are instructive. Racists are red with righteous rage; this is what happens, they say, when you let “coloureds” into the country. Many anti-racists, just as blindly furious, assert race and ethnicity have nothing to do with what happened. The white female procurers are their alibis. The rapists’ relatives and community leaders stand by their men. They believe the blokes took what was freely offered by trashy females – children, daughters. Muslims who condemn the exploitation, in their eyes, bring shame on the community. That’s how twisted their values are.

    The one question nobody asks is how these men have been treating their sisters and wives. Most of them behave just as abominably and cruelly indoors as they do outside when they prey on young flesh. They want control; they abjure equality. Some – a small minority – do feel a kind of love for the women and girls in the family but many have monstrous views on sexual equality and feminine desire. Home is a cage in which no pleasures are permitted, where hopes and freedoms expire. Activists have sought to free these women for decades. The terrible truth is that as society becomes more permissive, the number of caged birds increases. One caveat: I am not saying all Muslim girls and women are oppressed. What I am saying is that sexual predators from traditional Pakistani families and many other minority communities think all women and girls are low-life.

    Today’s student activists reflect the censorship of our Government
    I was looking at my wedding pictures the other day. On a cold, snowy December day, in 2000, I married my English husband in Ealing Town Hall. On the steps we had photos taken. It was freezing cold but I was in a silk sari, as was my mum. My Asian friends in their finery were shivering and smiling happily. The most striking, gorgeous person in the crowd was Humera (not her real name), who had stayed with me several times over the previous two years. She was from a northern town and had escaped a forced marriage. Her family had made her marry a man from Pakistan who had then raped her nightly for months. A social worker helped her escape. I heard of her case and offered to have her live with us for a while. The bruises on her thighs and breasts took months to heal.

    She was one of countless such victims, all hidden and hopeless. Forced marriage has since been outlawed and girls have some protection and awareness of their rights but now we have Sharia courts in this country, which condone wife beating, marital rape, compulsory or child marriages, polygamy, paternal ownership of children and extreme sexism. Pre-pubescent Muslim girls are married on Skype. Imams praise this technology, which allows families to trade in their daughters – girls between the ages of six and nine among them. How did our rulers let this happen?

    Political scientist Elham Manea, herself a Muslim, has written a new book, Women and Shari’a Law: the Impact of Legal Pluralism in the UK. She investigated 80 faith “councils”, which settle disputes and make quasi-legal decisions. According to Manea these courts are more hardline even than in Pakistan and many of their religious leaders issue horrendous advice. For example, a senior cleric in a British Sharia council pronounced that there was no “right age” for a girl to marry: “As you know, the earlier the better”. Humera’s family were not given religious authorisation to do what they did to her. Imams in the 1990s were conservative but not inflexible Islamicists. Today the human-rights abuses are validated by dozens of Muslim leaders as well as by influential Islamic institutions. Though forced marriages are a curse in Hindu and Sikh families too, they do not have systemised, pervasive doctrines to back their heinous behaviours.

    The Met is right: justice for victims of rape demands the truth
    Why is this even important when we are discussing the Rochdale crimes against white British children? Am I trying to deflect attention from those horrors? On the contrary; I am making vital connections. We should find out how those close to the three brothers and the uncle were treated. Was terrible violence meted out to them, too? Should we not know that? More than 1,400 vulnerable white children were abused in Rotherham. Thousands of others are being discovered in other towns. The numbers would shoot up if we also counted the family victims of the groomers.

    Grooming and domestic rape often go together. Police and journalists need to be as concerned about the latter as they now (thankfully) are about the former. Families and communities will resist such probes, lob accusations of racism and “insensitivity”. But it has to happen. Females of all backgrounds should be protected from sexual savagery and misogynist Sharia courts. There must be one law for all.


    • The premise of this article is, these vile creatures may have acted just as monsterious with there own race, and treated their women badly. But what’s she doesn’t explain is why they choose to select mostly white children and gang rape them. If we dispense with the colour, all women are the same.

      Except these were children. It was like they despised these girls for some percieved wrong that had been done to them and decided to exempt retribution. Is she suggesting that it was some form of relief, they were abusing the little white girls, thereby saving the Muslims women, thereby enhancing the image. How fortunate, they had all this supply of easy meat, available for them, talk about rolling out the red carpet. Doesn’t a Muslim respect the sanctity of childhood, apparently they didn’t with white children, because they saw them as more worthless than Pakistani girls, assisted by these useless white liberals, who sold there own race down the river.

      We rightly condemn White Peaophiles and make no excuses for them, the same should apply to Pakistani’s Muslims Peaophikes, all of them are evil and destroy lives.


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