Muhbeen working up to another r**t….. sorry act of self defence?

A reader saw this and thought it should have a wider audience. They proffered the following observation, “Can see these mugs rioting again.”


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When Mubeen Hussain emerged from the womb and a midwife smacked his arse he screamed “racist” followed by loud sobs of “me, me, me”. Many thought the midwife had smacked the wrong end, and should have a second or even … Continue reading

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7 thoughts on “Muhbeen working up to another r**t….. sorry act of self defence?

  1. Rather than jump to conclusions, why not wait before headlining it as a “riot” or referring to a previous incident like it’s DEFINITELY going to happen again.. bit of calm wouldn’t go amiss. I hope when they referred to mugs, it was elements of both sides of the marches not one of course…

    This is btw a person who is not Muhbeen’s biggest fan..


    • EDL is protesting against child abuse, left wing & Muslim community turn out to counter them protests. Obviously their mugs for defending peadohiles.
      I’ve nothing but respect for people travelling from all over the country to protest against child abuse.


  2. Why do they need to confront the EDL in the first place. Allow them to march, ignore them and in a couple of hours they would be gone, no one the wiser of their visit. It seems this counter rally is more of a self publicity stunt for certain peoples, to remind others of their relevance.


  3. EDL are not welcome, but they have the right to peaceful protest. setting up counter demonstrations, which will not only bring out Muhbeen`s mob, but also attract Members of the far left AFL will almost certainly end in more clashes. I dont think this Muhbeen speaks for the community he pretends to represent. His “rants” are harming relations of different sections of the community in Rotherham.
    Those of the Muslim Community who disagree with his views should stand up and be counted.


  4. The call is riding on the coat tails of anti-Trump sentiment.
    Here are some reasons why I think the Trump travel ban is not anti Muslim nor Fascist and we need to rethink our response:
    1) It will affect “some Muslims not all Muslims” – This is the same rationale on which the war on terror is being waged and has been waged for years now
    2) It affects 7 of the most disrupted states where terrorism is likely to originate – simple common sense
    3) It is a temporary ban while more stringent vetting procedures are put in place
    4) 24 majority Muslim states are not affected by the ban – shall I list them? Three (Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) are among the 5 most populous Muslim countries in the world with Egypt and Saudi Arabia also in that list (Oh, you say, but the west has trade deals with some of these – indeed we do, probably because they ARE stable)
    5) Six countries with substantial Muslim minorities are not affected by the ban (Lebanon, Israel, China, Burma, India and Nigeria) – the last two making up the top five of the world’s most populous m-m nations
    6) Not a single Muslim citizen of the nations of western Europe is affected
    7) Ditto in sub-saharan Africa
    8) Ditto in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Phillipines
    9) President Obama introduced a similar list of at-risk nations – no one protested
    10) Obama introduced a similar six month ban on Iraqis in 2011- no one protested
    11) The ban affects all citizens of the seven nations, including large Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria and smaller groups in Iran – no one mentions these
    12) 18 Muslim-majority nations have a long-standing and permanent ban on Israeli passport holders – where are the protests against this?
    13) Christians (and others) are not at liberty to practice or share their faith openly in several Muslim majority countries – no one protests but instead there is respect for the indigenous culture and laws – reciprocate or change
    14) The seven countries all feature among the worst 11 of the Open Doors watch list of countries that carry out persecution of Christians and others – Libya is 11th, the others are all in the top 10 – again, where is the outrage?
    15) President Trump is Commander in Chief, his first responsibility is the security of the USA
    16) The ban may be ineffective in the end – let’s oppose it on those grounds if it proves to be so, and after 120 days if it is reintroduced- but not because it is a racist measure and not before
    17) Hysterical opposition to the ban obscures the fundamental question that Trump is trying to address (and he is trying more than most): How do we prevent and defuse terror and remove it’s causes? We all need to ask ourselves what we are doing to eradicate hate and build bridges – where is the real threat to this coming from? How are we standing against it?
    18) One long-term path to eradicate terror etc is to build strong democracy and rule of law in the 7 states concerned and elsewhere – much anti-Trump protest is hypocritical in that it is actually violent (Breaking windows, punching reporters) or incites violence (Calls to “Blow up the White House”, or “Assassinate” a democratically elected leader etc) – and there is the endless bleating about the outcome of a democratic election. I fail to see how such reactions will contribute to building democracy and stability across the world – please stop it, grow up and face facts.


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