Polls close now the wait for the results begins

Polls for the Brinsworth & Catcliffe and the Dinnington by-elections have just closed, the peoples decision made.

We just have to patiently wait to find out what that would be?

Bring them to you as soon as they become available.

Breaking Lib Dem candidate Adam Carter elected in Brinsworth & Catcliffe, with a turn-out of around 32% ! That certainly changes things! Little wonder labour were reported to be concerned at the libdems support? A veritable political earthquake!

Full results:

brinsworth_and_catcliffe_ward_borough_council_election_results_2_february_2017_rotherham_metropolitan_borough_council_-_2017-02-03_00-14-35Dinnington Ward results:


Back tomorrow with detailed analysis and reaction. Rik


15 thoughts on “Polls close now the wait for the results begins

  1. Not a good result for Labour in Brinsworth, but aren’t UKIP supposed to be cleaning up in these ‘northern white working class’ wards, post BREXIT/ Trump/ CSE etc?


  2. Can’t believe the low turnout in Dinnington ward, if you take into account how many would be postal votes, apathy reigns supreme. Another Labour puppet.
    Dave Smith


    • Asbo that’s “what,who’s idea that was ! Gone, but not quite, forgotten ! Last attempt by a desperate man and minority politician ! Soon to have his collar felt
      by the NCA ?I hope !


  3. The UKIP crowd are quiet on here this morning following 2 byelections.
    Just the sound of the tumbleweed blowing past ‘The Three Magpies’
    And I’m not surprised. As a political party expecting to be taken seriously last night was embarrassing.
    Skipping past Brinsworth which was abject humiliation lets look at Dinnington.

    UKIP had a scandal free, respected candidate standing down.
    UKIP knew the byelection was coming and could prepare, because of the above.
    A labour party at its lowest and most vulnerable since the CSE
    It looks like the Libdems didnt fight it.
    The independants, with the best will in the world just dont have the resources or the profile of UKIP (Nuttall and Farage on the TV all the time and income from 13 cllr’s)
    and wasnt Rotherham known as a UKIP stronghold a year or 2 ago ?

    and with all this on their side UKIP persuaded 300 people out of an electorate of 10,000 to take a short walk, pick up a pencil, and vote for them.
    Thats one in 33.
    Who is the campaign manager ?
    Fred Carno ?
    …..for our younger readers he ran a circus 🙂


  4. A shockingly low turnout!! When will people learn that there are so few ways that they can have a say and influence outcomes….. Has nothing been taught by Brexit???
    I voted for the Green Party, and am proud to say so – I live in hope.


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  6. Dinnington – 670 votes in a formerly solid Labour ward is pathetic from Labour. but I think the overall message is that people see the council as an irrelevance at the moment. A shame either conservatives or UKIP
    and the other two indies didn’t give way to Mr Smith – he might have won and given Dinnington a decent representative.


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