An Express delivery of denial and hypocrisy

I’m not the kind of dude that’s often lost for words, but I have to admit that the story at the top of Page 30 in the ‘Tiser (Jan 27th) did manage to silence me for a minute or two.

The story was about the Mayor of Rotherham, Cllr Lindsey Pitchley, presenting certificates to children who had attended an unspecified course run by the Rotherham Multi-Agency Against Racial Incidents (RMAARI) at an event held at the Orient Express restaurant in Masborough.

In the accompanying photo the Mayor skulks at the back, whilst former Mayor Shaukat Ali pictured far left, brazenly basks in the reflected glory of others.

Now. I don’t know whose briefing the Mayor these days, but a competent advisor might have mentioned to Rotherham’s first citizen that according to rumour, a great deal of plotting went on in the Orient Express over poppadoms and pakoras in the days of yore.

Though speculation abounds as to who might have been involved, there’s no doubt that many whose names might have been mentioned completely disappeared from view within a few short weeks following the publication of the Casey Report.

A competent advisor might also have used an example to explain the concepts of denial and hypocrisy to the Mayor.

That explanation might have sounded like this: Only a few weeks ago, a male councillor quite rightly faced the consequences for an indecent assault on a female councillor.

Yet here we have another female councillor; the Mayor of Rotherham no less, publicly rubbing shoulders with the not so great and the far from good, whilst at the same time, but in a different galaxy not so very far away, two incredibly brave young women were baring their souls and re-living utter horror in order to enable justice to be served.


Please read Page 30 in the ‘Tiser (Jan 27th 2017)

12 thoughts on “An Express delivery of denial and hypocrisy

  1. Is Shaukat Ali still suspended?

    Further what happened to the~ £500000 funding received to help integrate Roma cummunity Rotherham?

    Are there any termly reports published showing the progress made in the integration of the Roma?


  2. Having now had the opportunity to see the photograph etc, I feel I must withdraw my earlier comment – there is nothing that is remotely putting off a smell.


  3. The Mayor can’t win. She was invited to a children’s awards event – impossible for her to say ‘no’ without being bad mouthed for refusing to meet local children or even racist for not attending a children’s event because of the colour of their skin or because of their adult relatives


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