Former Sheffield council worker, 81, jailed over historic abuse

A former Sheffield Council education worker who sexually abused students and colleagues was jailed for 16 years yesterday after a call to the NSPCC triggered an investigation into historic allegations.

It was revealed that Roger Dodds, 81, had used his position working with schools in the 1970s through to the 1990s to force students to engage in sexual acts in order to secure grant payments.

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Ex-Sheffield Council worker jailed for sexually abusing students and colleagues

A former Sheffield Council education worker who sexually abused students and colleagues has been jailed for 16 years. Roger Dodds, 81, of Cotswold Road, worked with schools when he carried out the acts between the 1970s and 1990s.

A judge sentenced him at Sheffield Crown Court today, after Dodds had admitted four counts of indecent assault on a man aged 16 or over and one count of indecent assault on a boy aged under 14 years in earlier hearings.

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Ex-Sheffield City Council boss Roger Dodds jailed for sex abuse

An ex-council boss who forced teenagers to engage in sex acts to get grant payments has been jailed for 16 years.

Roger Dodds, 81, also abused colleagues while working for Sheffield City Council’s education department between 1975 and 1993.

The council has been accused of failing to act and moved Dodds to a position working with schools after complaints. It said it was now “deeply sorry”.

In December Dodds admitted indecently assaulting four men and a young boy.

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Sheffield City Council ‘failed to stop predatory sex offender’

Predatory sex offender Roger Dodds was left free to abuse his victims by Sheffield City Council despite bosses having known about his offending for years, BBC News has found.

Dodds, who was jailed earlier for 16 years after pleading guilty to four counts of indecent assault, was allowed to operate as an employee of the council “without sufficient challenge, accountability or consequences”, a council-commissioned report found.

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Council ‘knew’ former leader was carrying out sexual assaults, his victims claim

Victims of an 81-year-old man who was jailed for several sex assaults while working for a council more than 20 years ago have said his activities were well known at the authority.

Sheffield City Council apologised after Roger Dodds was jailed for 16 years for indecently assaulting five people in the city – one boy aged under 14 and four men aged 16 and over.

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2 thoughts on “Former Sheffield council worker, 81, jailed over historic abuse

  1. Reply to the words of Jane Ludlam of Sheffield City Council
    SCC’s response to conviction of a council officer for decades of sex crimes.

    Timeline: during the tenure of David Blunkett and Clive Betts and Alan Billings

    “Jayne Ludlam, executive director for Children, Young People and Families, said the authority’s thoughts were with the victims.”
    {It has been the experience of this council that its thoughts were never with the victims, but always were topmost with themselves for fear of exposure, and needed foremost to consider the personal and political consequences of reputation management, damage limitation, and liability.}
    “She added: “We are deeply sorry that Dodds committed these offences while working at Sheffield City Council decades ago.”
    {The council is NOT saying:
    that that it was sorry for what Dodds did when not at work
    that it was sorry that it failed for decades and allowed the abuses to continue without fetter
    that it was sorry that not one senior manager or councillor or MP who knew about what was going but did nothing were ever held to account, or for that matter would never be held to account
    “We are glad to see that, finally, such cases of historic abuse are coming before the courts, justice is being done, and victims are having their voices heard.”
    {If the council was genuinely glad to see this case before the courts, it would have acted appropriately decades ago, and the fact that it did not act with corporate honesty sends a strong signal that there are possibly hundreds, if not thousands of cases of abuse in Sheffield that are still to be revealed.
    If the council was genuinely interested in ‘justice being done’ it would be appropriately dealing with the plethora of current cases of abuse, instead of what appears to be burying them.
    If the council was genuinely victims ‘having their voices heard’ it would not be actively suppressing evidence of abuse today, and would not have reacted reacted so negatively to the reference to grooming presented to Full Council on 5 November 2008.}
    “Despite the fact that this happened more than a quarter of a century ago, we have accepted responsibility and would never defend the indefensible.”
    {This final statement is as incredible as it is outrageous. If this council ever accepts responsibility for any of the abuses, it would have already made offers of compensation to the victims, it would not be denying the abuses of today and refusing to provide redress to those that its officers, with councillor support, are abusing to this day. ‘Defending the indefensible’ is what this council does whenever council officers and councillors should really be held to account for their actions.}

    Summary: Hollow words, no lessons learned, and the abuses will continue unabated. If the reports of Alexis Jay and Louise Casey were applied to ALL abuses in Sheffield, the number of victims would be just under 6000 ! Surely this council is long overdue for outside intervention !

    “In 2008, a complaint of historic abuse was made to South Yorkshire Police regarding an ex-employee of Sheffield City Council. As a result, we at the council commissioned an in-depth, independent investigation into this allegation, which highlighted how things had happened at the council in the past.”
    {There is reasonable doubt as to the independence of the “investigation”.
    If the “investigation” was truly independent, the failings of the past, and the names of the officers and councillors who were negligent and who were in dereliction of duty, as with South Yorkshire Police, would have been publicly reported.}
    “By 2008 major changes had already occurred in policies, practices and procedures both at the council and in wider society, but we needed to know if there was anything more that we could learn. This independent report made recommendations, all of which have been implemented fully.”
    {If this statement was true, today’s article would have included naming and shaming those who were professionally and ethically deficient in the past.
    There are those today who would argue that the council has not only failed to learn, but is today still not appropriately dealing with reports of abuse, instead being more concerned with personal careers, reputation, and political consequences.}
    “We tackle abuse head-on, provide care and support to victims, and do everything we can to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice.”
    {The above statement can be disregarded in its entirety, a possible conclusion based upon current experiences of current council practice.}
    “We urge all victims of sexual abuse to come forward as soon as possible so they can get the support they need and offenders can be brought to justice.”
    {Why should anyone who has been abused come forward to the council, when, to date, the council response has appeared to be Deny and Lie, support and defend and collude with the abusers, and make the victims and those who care for them regretting having reported the abuses to the council, or, for that matter, to the police, whose approach appears to be similarly lacklustre, resulting in further abuses.}
    {As with RMBC, SCC may be labelled as ‘not fit for purpose’.}


  2. Wish the Judge on this trial had been the sentencing Judge on the Rotherham CSE trials.
    This pathetic old bloke has been given a long drawn out death sentence for his historic crimes against children…..
    The pathetic sentencing of the vile men in Rotherham is proof to me at least Rik that ‘ State barbarism’ has now been transferred from the the worst of humanity . They are the ones who pronounce torture and death on ordinary citizens of society from their own sense of entitlement over the lives of others. An ordinary policeman can in some situations can pronounce the death sentence in a matter of seconds without trial by judge and jury. He becomes the executioner..
    I would be more interested to hear the views on Capital Punishment from the families whose lives have been forever changed by by the act of a monster, than some ‘ expert’ who says Capital Punishment doesn’t work. Ordinary people can do their own studies on the facts of whether we now live in a more benevolent society than we did in the first half of the 20 th century.
    While I strongly disagree with the frustrated outbursts ” hang the B……ds , I find it completely understandable from families affected by violence and murder who find no solace in the pathetic sentencing of the likes of the Rotherham systematic torturers of children.
    The final words of convicted murderers in the 20th century Britain makes interesting reading. The Encyclopedia of 20th century executions in Britain should be available in most libraries for anyone intending serious reasonable debate.


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