to be put under MP’s spotlight

The Shadow Equalities Secretary is setting out to prove that the party is not afraid to ask the difficult questions around issues like immigration, as she prepares to launch a new inquiry into the growing challenges posed by segregation.

Inspired by the recent damning report by Dame Louise Casey, Sarah Champion’s investigation will seek to understand why cities like London and Manchester have succeeded in becoming “multicultural” while areas like her own constituency of Rotherham remain “segregated”.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/segregation-to-be-put-under-mp-s-spotlight-1-8373239

12 thoughts on “‘Segregation’
 to be put under MP’s spotlight

  1. London, Manchester multicultural, don’t make me laugh.

    Not sure what planet Ms Champion is on but she really does nee to get out more, into the real world that her constituents live in, oops sorry I forgot, Ms Champion does not live in her constituency.

    Rampant Labour political correctness dished out in spades may just be one of the many factors why communities in the town keep to themselves.


  2. I don’t know where Champion gets this crap, that multiculturalism is working in Manchester, it’s become more secregated, by ethnic and religious groups, over the last 2 decades. The Pakistani’s and Muslims, have been breeding like wild flowers and have taken over certain districts. Over the last 20 years.

    Take Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall, was ethnically mixed, mostly Whites, Blacks, Jews, Poles, others. The Pakistani communtiy was a tiny proportion, in the 90’s. 20 years later, the Pakistani’s have taken over Cheetham Hill & Crumpsall and are now moving into Whitefield and Prestwich. The Jews are resided mostly in Prestwich and Broughton. We have pockets of other ethnic groups, living in the same area together. little Somalia and Romania. White’s and Blacks Christians, have legged it out of these areas. Only the old people, who can’t move, are still stuck here. The local schools, are mostly populated by Pakistani’s. The local shops apart from a few exceptions, are all Muslim. You will have several shops, selling the same goods, all a few yards away from each other and all surpposedly making profit? There forcing other ethnic shops out of business, by saturating the competition. The Pakistani are ethnically cleansing the area, there even buying up all the council housing on the RTB.

    No surprise, the ruling administration is a Labour Council and hasn’t seen the impending problems coming. You can get a lot for block votes these days. It’s the same around Manchester, certain areas , are associated with certain ethnic groups. No Ms Champion, you might have worked in Manchester, but your blinded by the bullshit of ethnic and community cohension. Yes we also have a big problem, like Rotherham with CSE, only ours is being covered up better.


    • A thoughtful analysis, thanks!
      (I spent my first 17 years of life in that city, and still find it a refreshing city to visit. ) I left in the 1960’s.
      Little Somalia I don’t remember, is it newish, or long established – like the Somali communities in Liverpool, etc.
      (I was actually born in Heywood but, in my teens gravitated to central Manchester, natch.).

      Sadly we don’t have much choice over our local governments. I’ve lived in Tory majority towns – and well, I have come across some effective Labour and LibDem Councils, but I’m still waiting to find a Tory council that is half way to good. (I find RMBC utterly hopeless).
      As I remember, Champion worked in Manchester with the Chinese community. The Chinese and HK diaspora are probably the easiest people in the world to get on with, certainly in my experience.


      • When was the last time you visited Manchester, you wouldn’t believe your eyes, how’s it’s changed for the worse. Clayton, Ancoats, Moston has large populations of Africans. Somalians, are in Moss Side, Chorlton is full of the Taliban, Eastern Europeans have invaded Salford, but no Child rapeists yet!! Funny though, I can’t pinpoint where the Chickhen fried rice brigades are. Do you remember the Cheetham Hill business sector, near town. Well the Mo’s have completely taken over, running out the Jews. They’ve even got their own strip club there now. It’s also the predominate Red light district too, with plenty, in fact entirely all Musilm clientele.


        • 2009 was the last time I was there; an old Eritrean friend of mine, working for the British Council in Asmara, came over on visits to the British Council offices in M/c and we would meet up for dinner after I had spent the earlier part of the day wandering around some of the areas in the City centre that .I had known when I was young.

          I remember Cheetham Hill well, and did know that it had been re-inhabited —- it also happened in East London – and remember that those Jewish people had also once been a immigrant community,


  3. “Manchester is multicultural., not segregated lik Rotherham ”


    I think I just wet myself laughing.


  4. Here is an opportunity for Ms Champion to explore with partners and stakeholders why Rotherham does not enjoy the multicultural, champagne socialist lifestyle of the London elite.

    With her winnings from the damages claim she could rent or even buy a property on Eldon Road, Eastwood and move in, from her vantage point she along with strategic partners identify opportunities such as multi agency involvement away days and community cohesion workshops, then with all the evidence commission a lengthy report into her life amongst her constituents before she sells up and heads back to leafy Derbyshire.

    The next steps could involve a RMBC funded conference using Magna, with key note speakers from the segregated communities using the death by power point presentation approach to show the required inputs and outputs to make Rotherham great again, there could be break out rooms, lots of post it notes and flip charts to capture the thoughts of the day and just in case it gets a little distressing for the attendees, counsellors would be on standby to empathise and offer explanations as to why Rotherham is such a basket case.

    The day would end with a happy clappy group hug and Rotherham would be great again, the MP and attendees then skip gaily down the road out of Rotherham never to give the place a second thought.


    • But before all this regeneration, can happen, there’s a little matter of 300+ and counting , Pakistani peaophiles walking around the town, immune from punishment of their mass rape of 1400+ And also counting, little white girls. Can you really see anyone moving to or investing in Rotherham, with those criminals about!!


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