MPs due to attend Thurcroft HS2 information event

THREE Members of Parliament are expected to attend an information event about high speed rail tomorrow (Thursday).

Protest group Stop HS2 Bramley said that Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion had said they would be at the event in Thurcroft .

The information meeting, at the Consort Hotel in Thurcroft from noon until 8pm, was organised by rail developer HS2 to answer the questions of Bramley people about the proposed route which will cut through their community if it gets government backing.

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One thought on “MPs due to attend Thurcroft HS2 information event

  1. HS2 Ltd has today awarded a £170 million taxpayer-funded contract to its CEO’s previous employer. As Guido illustrates above, this is the latest evidence of a revolving door between HS2 and the American engineering firm CH2M. The golden handshakes date back to 2012, when CH2M was appointed as HS2’s “Phase 1 delivery partner”. In March 2016 the firm was appointed as HS2’s “engineering delivery partner”. These contracts were worth some £350 million.
    Seven months later, in October 2016, CH2M’s Roy Hill was appointed as the interim CEO of HS2, on secondment from CH2M. Last month HS2 appointed another CEO. Can you guess where from? Mark Thurston also joined from CH2M, replacing his former CH2M predecessor. Very, very cosy…

    This afternoon a press release from HS2 Ltd arrived in Guido’s inbox:
    “Plans to bring HS2 to Manchester and Leeds took a step forward today with the confirmation that contracts will be awarded to CH2M… CH2M will be become Phase Two B Development Partner”
    The contract is worth some £170 million – the shortlist was announced under Roy Hill’s tenure. HS2 Ltd “is an executive non-departmental public body” funded by the taxpayer via a grant-in-aid from the Department for Transport. They have just given a massive taxpayer-funded contract to their CEO’s old company – this smells…

    I hope this matter is raised at the meeting in Thurcroft.
    This isn’t just about the proposed route of HS2, it also concerns the integrity of HS2 CEO Mark Thurston and the huge sums of (our) money being splashed about.


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