38 thoughts on “Phil Turner vituperates on the EDL demonstration in Rotherham

  1. This goes a long way in explaining the lack lustre (and selective) reporting of the Rotherham Advertiser in the past and its continued neglect of impartiality. It seems it has too many ‘masters’.


  2. Why do the UAF have to counter demonstrate on the same day ? if they believe in peaceful protest as they say they do why not have the following week so as to eliminate all risk of the two opposing groups coming into contact with each other thus making the town trouble free….they can’t have much respect for the towns struggling businesses if they are inevitably going to clash… I predict trouble brought on by these counter demonstrators … Also why are UAF allowed to gather in all saints square and not any other group ?


  3. Aoother toatally preictable rant from an examplar of the mindless dinosaurs and braiwashed loony tunes Left that have escaped from the funny farm to join the UAF, the SWP et al.
    Why they want these marches banned is a mystery to me – where else could they wave their incipid placards and banners and anyway , why spoil the enjoyment of the Snowfalkes from the Unis – better to be out in the fresh air shouting abuse and cleaning out their lungs rather than swigging cheap low quality booze in the Students Union.
    Now come on , be sensible, let them march and stop trying to spoil other people’s fun on a day out.


  4. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge what is the root cause of these marches in Rotherham. The Pakistani’s mass rape and abuse of little white girls(Children). What about the murder of Laura Wilson, stabbed in the head multple times and then thrown into a canal like a rag. He forgets that and what was the cause of all this. Perhaps he should concentrate his efforts on protecting the real victims of all this racism, the white people of Rotherham. Has he confronted the Pakistani’s about their behaviour, no he excuses it as normal and a price worth paying for commnity cohension.

    He goes on about the fear of the Muslim community, but doesn’t mention the fear of the other communities, from these perverted monsters, whom for years, with the full knowledge of his friends in the Labour Party, Council and Police, committed unspeakable evil against their children, even targeting them outside schools.

    No if EDL continues to highlight these monsters abuses and keeps the authorities on their toes. If it’s finally making them deal with these vile creatures, then it’s worth it.


    • Loudmouth well said, you read my mind. Afterall the EDL are the one group that protested on behalf of the victims. They got Shaun Wright out, they protested when Rotherham families wouldnt, or couldnt. Dont get me wrong, I refused to join them and stood alone, as I didnt want to be branded a racist.


  5. If they didn’t counter them the police presence would be minimal, they’ve no respect at all for the town centre businesses, these nutters were protesting other week on bridge against Donald Trump but turner stayed quiet on that protest. It’s about time Chris Read did some research on the vigilant hypcrical left wing and kept well clear of them.


  6. The EDL should not march through the town. But the law gives them the right to PEACEFUL protest, like it or not. If they break the law, then quite rightly they should be arrested. That is called democracy.
    I have watched The newsreels over the years, and wherever there is an extreme right wing march, there are always an extreme left wing counter demonstration, nearly always UAF. The UAF are always shown shouting abuse, throwing objects and hurling what I think is racist abuse, clearly with the intention of trying to antagonise the Far right. Both sides are as “Extreme” as each other. Neither side should be given any publicity, both are trying to whip up racial hatred. (just look at the text by the UAF )
    I think its a bit rich when UAF are calling for a ban, whilst having a march of their own. Where is the democracy in that ?. (But there again since when have the UAF believed in democracy)
    If the UAF stopped ranting, the EDL would be marching in silence, and to be quite frank, I don`t think the average shopper in Rotherham actually bothers to take any real notice, they see them for what they are, and ignore them and go about their own business.
    I did not appoint the UAF to be my spokes person, so they and the EDL should both sod off and leave us in peace.


    • Agree with the majority of what you say but to say the EDL isn’t welcome is rubbish, you do know that victims & relatives also protest in these marches.
      You’ll have victims protesting and peadophiles counter protesting with UAF, anyone with any sense would be calling for counter protest to be stopped.


  7. Phil Turner cast as Rotherham’s version of ‘Wolfie Smith’? Leaps of logic, that appear to be as delusional, as they appear be intended to deceive? Open letter indeed, just who do this awful bunch of ne’er do wells, think they are? They do not speak for me!


    • I assume that is a rhetorical question ?
      The oldest tactic in the book , widely used by most Muslim pressure groups, is to form numerous groups with different names, although the members are the same people – often with ficticious names. The idea of course, is to give the impression of wider support for thie views than actually exists.
      Most people in these left-wing groups are rather thick, so they have to use counter-demonstrations because they can’t have reasoned arguements, so resort to the trivia of name-calling , personal abuse and the creation of chaos to force the authorities to associate disorder with their opponents. Most savvy people know the tactics , but unfortunately the authorities also consist of thick people, easily influenced by the economics of policing rather than democratic principles of free speech.


  8. The suggestion that the EDL is some benign group of individuals about upholding the law and “the one group protesting on behalf of victims” is frankly laughable and totally disingenuous.

    The EDL comprises a group of mindless, neo-nazi thugs who hold marches when, for whatever reason, they are unable to practise their favourite hobby of football hooliganism.

    Anyone doubting this characterisation should just type “EDL members jailed” into their Google Search Box. You will find lots of examples of leading EDL members, like Richard Price, who have been jailed and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.


    Town-centre businesses are finding it hard enough to make a living, without being persistently disrupted by pointless marches of drunken thugs.


    How does the Socialist Workers Party, which conspired to cover up the rape of some of its female members by leading SWP officers, have the nerve to pretend to be standing up against racism and misogyny?


    I want our police resources concentrated on investigating child sexual abuse and in bringing the disgusting perpetrators to trial, not diverted to dealing with the EDL or the SWP.


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  10. If it wasn’t for the edl guy camping outside the police station in rotherham
    ( being shot at with pellet guns by our law abiding taxi drivers ) and local residents joining him and helping him with food and drinks . Shaun wright would still be in power . I’m no member of the edl but have marched in rotherham with them and other rotherham members of the community


  11. With the South Yorkshire Police shutting down the LGBT event, at the town hall, in favour of the EDL rally and the terrorist letter in the Masbrough mosque, not only islamophobic but anti-semetic and black people (with reference to jews and ‘n*****s’ ) It’s important as many of us turn out next Saturday to say No to the EDL, whether we be black or white, christian, muslim or jew, gay or straight etc. Remember Muslims may be at the top of their list, but not the only ones on the list.


    • It is not important as many of YOU turn out at all ….unless your intention is to create tension and cause trouble ….if no one turns out to argue with the EDL the protest would be smoother and cause much less trouble to the struggling businesses and shoppers of Rotherham ….stay home and put your point across the following week.. of cause that will not happen will it ? because UAF and such groups enjoy heightening tensions in the hope the press will print headlines like …EDL cause riots once more and Rotherham cannot take more from racist protesters etc etc …in the belief that they will be banned from future protests. Also I thought the police supported LGBT groups…they even adopted their colours on their twitter feed …I have not seen the George cross or the Union flag on their feed….


  12. Ha ha ….. Saint Sarah and PINK news lol…..does that come on after calendar at 6.30pm?…. pink news… for gods sake… yea they won’t have a biased opinion will they?…. My sides are splitting with laughter …..another group of people for Saint Sarah to attach herself to so she can feel good about herself and justify the role she plays .. how about a photo shoot with members of the LGBT community eh…. but no Muslims she has nothing to do with them now she has a new minority group to play with.


  13. Chris read knew about EDL protest as is clear on is letter dated Jan 2017….. we must also assume SYP also knew about it https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/chris-read-writes-to-amber-rudd-re-the-proposed-edl-march/ when did Saint Sarah and her pink brigade book the venue ?….. maybe it is a lack of communication between Chris read of RMBC and Saint Sarah etc etc …. proof if any is needed RMBC could not get drunk in a brewery (or words to that effect) …. and handing them back any powers is dangerous .


    • You may not have noticed it, but you still have provided no proof that EDL announced their demo, before the Town Hall was booked for the LGBT History Month event.

      I have no idea of the sequence of events[ but let’s face it, I am more likely to believe Sarah Champion than you – unless you can come up with some actual proof that she is wrong.
      Plese, don’t reply unless you have some convincing evidence that EDL got in first.


        • “A reply to my comment, would have been by clicking the Reply button below it, 1st Time User didn’t reply. He just carried on his rant in the top level of this discussion thread. bye.


  14. I am not on trial …. I do not have to provide anything to you or convince any one of anything ….and of course you should believe Saint Sarah over me.. after all she would not lie ..would she ? ….better the devil you know eh…. ps ..”but you still have provided no proof ” ..I think you will find I did indeed provide no proof……lol … I have done on this thread now.


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