Ten things they don’t tell you about academies

Ten things they don’t tell you about academies

Inconvenient truths about the academy revolution.

While all eyes are on the coalition’s NHS reforms, Michael Gove’s schools revolution continues apace with little discussion. Some on the left have raised objections to the creation of “free schools” – those new schools set up by groups of parents, teachers, charities and voluntary groups and funded by the Department for Education – and argue that they will lead to a two-tier, socially segregated system.

But it’s the rise and rise of academies that is the real cause for concern. Academies are, to all intents and purposes, state-funded independent schools outside local authority control and the National Curriculum, which receive their funding directly from central government. As of March 2012, there were 1,635 academies in England, compared to 24 free schools. Most of them opened their doors from September 2010 onwards, with the blessing and encouragement of coalition ministers. More than 1.2 million pupils – one in seven pupils in state schools – now attend academies. Gove has said that the push to increase the number of academy schools “is not about ideology. It’s an evidence-based, practical solution.” Really?Here are ten things he and his supporters don’t tell you.

Read on… http://www.newstatesman.com/education/2012/03/academy-schools-academies


7 thoughts on “Ten things they don’t tell you about academies

  1. This article was written in 2012 and very much out of date – Academy budgets are being cut cut cut along with other schools and Michael Wilshaw is now the outgoing / gone head of Ofsted not the ‘new’ one. So many other points are out of date too – so far out of date i’m not sure why you have posted the article now


    • This shows the thinking about the academy system and it’s weaknesses, by way of introducing the subject to readers. We will be looking closely at academies over the weeks to come.


      • no problem!
        I look forward to future discussions on the subject. I could never defend the sistem overall, or the free school system, but it just happens that one of my grandchildren is at one that I believe is truly outstanding – and a damn sight better than Grammar I attended.


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