All Sheffield and South Yorkshire NHS hospitals under review to find ‘unsustainable’ services

All hospital services in Sheffield are under review as health bosses try to fill a £232 million financial blackhole.

And the future operation of four district hospitals – in Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster and Bassetlaw – is a key part of the review as health chiefs try to find £571m across South Yorkshire.

It comes as it was revealed £200m of capital investment to help deliver the Sustainability and Transformation Plan is needed in South Yorkshire as part of the drive to alter the way care is delivered and reduce hospital attendances.

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These ‘impossible NHS plans will cost £1.2bn in Yorkshire alone’

Yorkshire’s NHS needs £1.2bn of investment to deliver a massive reorganisation of health services in the next five years, it has been revealed.

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Emergency stroke services could disappear at four Yorkshire hospitals

Emergency stroke services could soon disappear from four Yorkshire hospitals as part of massive NHS reorganisation plans.

On the second day of a Yorkshire Post investigation into the future of the NHS, the paper can reveal services in Calderdale and Harrogate are understood to be at particular risk as the number of sites across West Yorkshire that currently provide a critical service in the first 72 hours after a stroke is potentially reduced from five to three.

A separate consultation is already under way in South Yorkshire on stopping Barnsley and Rotherham hospitals providing critical care for stroke victims.

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Inside Health: The Radio 4 NHS Debate

21 thoughts on “All Sheffield and South Yorkshire NHS hospitals under review to find ‘unsustainable’ services

  1. Stop sending ambulances/paramedics to pick up drunks and junkies.Stop all free cosmetic vanity surgery and tattoo removals. Stop employing translators.No speaka da Hinglish?Just point and use sign language (I tworked for me in Rumania) and finally…………………………
    Publish annual figures to show the true costs of PFI.


    • PFI, PPP’s don’t just stop with the NHS Colin

      What about schools and local authorities, Riverside House belongs to whom.

      What we were paying into the EU will seem like small fry compared to having our pants pulled down by our own countrymen.

      May be we should have a referendum in or out of PFI’s to save not only the NHS but save our nation.

      Just saying!


    • Colin.
      Would love to know of your experience in a Romanian hospital. Never been there.

      I’ve ended up in hospitals in quite a few countries and survived the experience.

      The time I nearly died of Legionnaires disease in Venice – in the beautiful canal-side Ospedale Ss Giovanni e Paolo, was truly memorable:
      Fresh fruit with all meals and wine with dinner. All reciprocal with the NHS – so no bill at the end.

      (Isn’t it a good thing that so many of these foreigners speak English? Tribal Africans typically speak 4 languages, whilst the average English person speaks just one.)


      • @rr
        Just to sidestep this thread a little…………..
        I was in the Merchant Navy at the time and the ship docked in Constanta where I managed to impale my right index finger on a piece of steel wire about 2mm in diameter
        Taken to the hospital by the ship’s agent and using hand signals and a (limited) smattering of German I got my finger cleaned and dressed. I have no idea if the treatment was free or had to be paid for because I was a visitor but I was asked to sign a form which I was happy to do.
        The hospital was slightly outdated and gloomy but clean and the medical staff seemed competent.
        The finger healed.


        • “The finger healed”. Good!
          Over the years I’ve needed treatment in day clinics or hospitals in at least 19 countries outside UK,
          The tumbu fly infestation in Zimbabwe is one I’ll never forget. My 4 year old son was also invaded in his bum.
          Life in the Merchant navy always seems to make people very organised and clean desked. Good attributes that I have never mastered.
          Now back to the NHS in our region. Over the last 2 years, I’ve had experience in one capacity or another, of Sheffield’s Northern General, Weston Park and Royal Hallamshire, and Rotherham General. The differences in efficiency between each of them has amazed me.
          This is not the place to write about it, though.



    • It’s not the NHS and the services it provides that are unsustainable.

      PFI is unsustainable, THE MIDDLE MAN, seems like what wasn’t privatised by the Tories in the eighties, Labour brought it upon us in every other field. No more privatisation yeah right, thanks Brown Blair.

      PFI Colin is every where, and we are paying for it.

      We desperately need a hike in N.I. to pay back our middle men, then another hike in council tax to pay for our schools and L.A.’s.

      The Rich get Richer, and us fools ain’t got a clue, and we’re falling for it once again “Tax increase” don’t get nuffing wi nuffing.


      • Another hike in council tax don’t mek me laff a freedom of information request just published tells us that over 2 million pounds in council tax was failed to be collected during the 2015/2016 financial year STOP penalising the honest law abiding council tax payers and start getting the revenue from the ones who don’t pay !! Also let’s go in to the reserves invested in overseas banks and other financial institutions estimated at about 3 – 4 million and reduce the allowances of the councillors this might help with the much needed revenue for social care


  2. Funny, but all if these problems, the NHS is experiencing, were a direct result of New Labour obsession, to pretend they could manage the books, as good as the Tories, while at the same time cozying up to Big Business. The latter, has been extremely well rewarded from these PFI’s.

    Question is, how come all those Labour MP’s, all over, never realised what was going on, but now are pretending it’s got nothing to do with them!!


  3. I think Parliament needs to legislate to declare a “Year of Jubilee”, Deuteronomy style, on public sector PPI – a cancelling of debts – if the lender concerned has received the original sum and then a bit more (to be determined at a low level, say 3%) for their trouble then we send them on their way, debt paid.
    What can they do? Declare war or something?


  4. A good place to start this review would be to slash the “middle management” and the hundreds of “non jobs” in every hospital. Many of these jobs are not needed and the reduction in the wage bill could be put back into front line staff and services Another source of money for the NHS would be to cut foreign aid going abroad to countries who spend it in spreading corruption and those having space and nuclear programmes !.


  5. Who introduced PPI and ushered in a wave of charitable hospitals? I would also like to add a number of other factors, non-British use of the NHS, too many overpaid non-job managers and those who choose to abuse their health with an excessive lifestyle choice. The NHS gets a considerable sum of money a year, over £110 billion.


  6. Rotherham cllrs have been told for over 25 years over their folly of pfi and paying for inflated projects on the tick. It was pointed out many times that it was ripping off our public as like paying for things using a credit card or loan shark. Many pfi contracts have been proved to be such so. Not to mention inferior not fit for purpose buildings under their shiney veneer – unlikely to last as long as buildings they replaced. Many of the gullible buffoons and bone heads are still there.

    Gordon Brown and Balls were also to blame nationally for their smoke and mirrors.
    casino economics to keep the true bills off the balance of payments when they should have used public monies to directly invest in our infra structure.


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  8. An example of waste in the NHS:
    I had occasion to visit Rotherham General Hospital yesterday with the Director of Finance and Welfare.(aka SWMBO)
    As we were waiting at the reception desk for something or other I noticed a lady employee walking into the reception office with a sheet of typed A4, she then proceeded to tell another lady the letter must go in that evenings post.
    Me; ‘Excuse me, why couldn’t you email that document to be printed and posted instead of walking here and wasting time?’ ‘Because it’s got the Doctors signature on it’. ‘Ever heard of scanned signatures?. You’re all blathering on about the NHS being short of cash and you are a classic example of how money is wasted. You wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a proper company’.
    Silence ensued. Black looks from NHS staff and rolling eyes from Madame.
    I was spitting feathers because if this scenario is repeated countless times every day across the NHS then it’s no wonder it’s short of money.
    Cost savings? You’re having a laugh.


    • Colin Tawn

      Try visiting Riverside reception area and you will see much the same. Lots of standing about and chatting by employees. No sense of urgency or efficiency taking place. All very chatty and leisurely.


  9. We need the same work ethic and efficiency in the NHS as would be the case in a private company and then there would be no need to privatise. Privatising the Train companies etc has lead to higher costs, the reverse of what we were told and the only investment, as usual, comes from the taxpayer.


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