The Rotherham Story

A major place marketing exercise has been launched using “The Rotherham Story” as a way of promoting the borough.

At an event held at Rotherham United’s New York Stadium, Julie Kenny CBE DL, Chair of the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust and a commissioner at Rotherham Council explained that the new initiative will be used to market and reposition the borough with ambassadors or “pioneers” selling Rotherham as a place to live and do business.

The first major theme of the Rotherham Story focuses on “Engineering Excellence” highlighting the major assets such as the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) and the ethos of major occupiers such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce, and soon-to-be McLaren, and the new enterprises like Xeros and PES that are pioneering disruptive technologies.

The second major focus is on “Living Green” and the perception of the borough as an industrial town but one that is in fact 70% rural. It highlights the quality of life for residents and abundance of country parks, urban parks and green space that can sell the location.

The Rotherham Story culminates in “Pushing Boundaries” – being confident and raising the bar in regeneration and education.

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6 thoughts on “The Rotherham Story

  1. The only story, people will associate with Rotherham, is the betrayal of innocence on the altar of community cohension. Mass rape of little white girls, by vile Pakistani peaophiles, with the permission of the authorities, isn’t something I would want to promote.


    • Nor would I dare to extol the virtues of Rotherham when its “turned the corner” Council hasn’t even got sufficient pride in the town to cut the overgrown grass verge alongside the bus station….practically in the town centre . What a shambolic, litter strewn town !!

      Walked through the town centre today and it is utterly demoralising…particularly the number of multiracial, down-at- heel, shoppers, foistered on the town by its “turned the corner” Council.


  2. My thoughts exactly Ashley01 ! One would have hoped that a Commissioner would have chosen a title which did not immediately make people around the world think of mass CSE !
    Without wishing to sound pedantic nor of defending or condoning paedophilia I am sick and tired of the media using this description in relation to the grooming gangs. Paedophilia is recognised as a psychiatric disorder. These grooming gangs are simply rapists ,torturers, human traffickers and pimps, selling the children to their perverse friends and relatives for financial gain and gratification.


  3. Advanced Manufacturing Park again. Last time the band waggon was the New York Stadium. The AMP is really just a small industrial site on the edge of Rotherham. It has a specialist manufacturing base, and more than likely most of those working there will be from outside areas. Instead of falling over backwards for this small area, the council needs to be investing in attracting more small business to ALL the other industrial estates. They could start with the industrial estate down by the “iron bridge”.


  4. Didn’t commissioner Kenny just sell her interest in her Business in Rotherham ( That shows confidence in the town to attract other business people )
    McLaren when interviewed said they had help from Sheffield Council never mentioned Rotherham once
    Isn’t the Maufactoring park soon to disappear over the rearranged Sheffield boundary
    Why are the council hell bent on building on the green belt
    Why do all there actions do the opposit to what they say
    Maybe we need a Commissioner of bull s–t to represent the town. ( or have we already got one ??)


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