An important reminder – Rotherham rape victim: ‘Justice could have been done 13 years ago’

Woman calls for apology from South Yorkshire police, which failed to act when she reported sexual abuse as teenager

When Sageer Hussain and seven other men from Rotherham were sentenced to prison, the woman they had raped and sexually abused as a teenager was determined to be in the public gallery.

Emma Jackson (not her real name) had given evidence behind a screen over three painful days in the witness box at Sheffield crown court. But on Friday she was ready to face her abusers when the judge jailed them.

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5 Responses to An important reminder – Rotherham rape victim: ‘Justice could have been done 13 years ago’

  1. Parsonage says:

    “Jackson’s parents begged for help from their local MP, Kevin Barron; the then home secretary, David Blunkett; and the children’s commissioner, the court was told. But her abusers continued to swagger around Rotherham, threatening her family with violence, to the point that the Jacksons briefly moved abroad to try to start a new life.”

    Pity Barron wasn’t subjected to robust cross examination by barristers during the course of the libel actions

    • MK007 says:

      But he’s on public record at a Hustings as saying “I got one email (from a victim) and passed it on to the Police…”
      Seems odd that witnesses seem to be saying that he knew a lot more than he’s admitting under oath…?

      • Parsonage says:

        Presumably Ms Jackson was the person Barron is referring to here. If anyone else comes forward it would make things difficult.

  2. Xinsider says:

    We live in hope that some poor victim / survivor does come forward – that would be a spanner in the works for Mr B !

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