Neil Wilby – ‘Bad on their merits’

In April 2012, David Crompton stepped out of the shadow of Sir Norman Bettison and took up the post of chief constable of South Yorkshire Police (SYP). It is a matter of record that, after being rejected at first by the South Yorkshire Police Authority, he walked into the job because no-one else wanted it.

He had been a controversial deputy chief of the much-criticised West Yorkshire Police since 2006 and the much criticised Bettison resigned from that force in October, 2012 when faced with gross misconduct charges. Crompton’s police career had started in 1982 with another disgraced force, Greater Manchester Police following the footsteps of his father, Sir Dan Crompton [1].

Crompton’s police career ended ignominously with his forced resignation from SYP on 29th September, 2016 and marked the end of a turbulent period during which he was never far from heated debate.

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