Sheffield city region’s £5m rail investment – in Market Harborough

Network Rail is asking the Sheffield city region (SCR) to put up £5m for a rail improvement project 70 miles away in Market Harborough.

The Midland Mainline (MML) is a key route between London and the Sheffield city region via the East Midlands but reports point to the planned electrification of the line to Sheffield by 2023 being abandoned by the Government.

Network Rail, the owners and operators of Britain’s rail infrastructure, had planned to electrify the Midland Mainline north of Bedford, working north. It was set to reach Corby at the end of 2017; Nottingham and Derby at the end of 2019 and Sheffield at the end of 2020.

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10 thoughts on “Sheffield city region’s £5m rail investment – in Market Harborough

  1. This has to be a no brainer.
    Why the hell should SCR contribute to this scheme?
    It is not cost effective: ‘reducing the fastest journey time between London and Sheffield by 4 minutes to 1 hour 57 minutes from the current 2 hours 1 minute.’
    Woopy Doopy Do.

    £1.25million per minute saved. This is progress?


    • Colin, there must be something going screwy here – under the out fluence of The Rt Hon. Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Transport
      It isn’t what I had thought were the objectives, see this:

      “Alongside committed improvements, upgrading and
      electrifying the MML could reduce journey times by
      13-14 minutes between London and Sheffield. This will
      also enable journey time reductions to Derby, Leicester,
      Nottingham and Northamptonshire. Electric trains will
      improve service quality and increase train and line

      Perhaps Grayling just wants to play with his promised new HS2 trainset.


        • then divide by the number of passengers over n years.
          …. and electrification does bring other tangible benefits.

          Whilst I take that journey fairly regularly, the 14 minutes saving has no significance for me – (when I get off, I catch a bus in the London evening rush hour), but a smoother, more reliable journey does – and that is why I often use the Doncaster – Kings Cross route.


  2. So true Colin Reed is their to make sure Rotherham follows the party line Labour run the SCR but nothing new their remember Rotherham,Barnsley and Doncaster all paid for the Sheffield Tram but didn’t get the benifit of it Maybe they should drive around Rotherham and see the state of our own transport infrastructure and roads Reed and Commissioner Kenny are our representatives on SCR Kenny has sold her business interests in Rotherham since becoming a commissioner on the council so to me that says it all Now I’ve seen it from the inside I’m getting out now ??


    • Caven Vines

      Commissioner Kenny through her own admission, had never heard of Wentworth Woodhouse or where it was until two years ago. Didn’t know it existed? Really?

      She has now carved out for herself a plum job overseeing its survival mixing with the great and the good. A lot easier than earning your own living.


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