LATEST: Home Office refuses to grant powers to stop EDL marches in Rotherham

The Home Office has refused to grant powers to South Yorkshire Police to stop EDL marches in Rotherham.

An application was made for the Government to allow police forces in extreme circumstances to ban certain protests.

In Rotherham, hopes were high that new legislation would allow South Yorkshire Police to ban EDL marches in the town, which have cost millions of pounds to police over the last two years and which traders say have affected business.

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Plea to ban repetitive Rotherham protests rejected by Home Office

Attempts to ban repeated marches by far right groups in Rotherham have been rejected by the Home Office.

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner wanted a change in the law to ban marches on grounds including frequency, cost and community impact.

Since 2012, 16 protests have been held, the majority organized by far right groups such as the EDL and Britain First, at a cost of £4m.

The Home Office said it had no current plans to change the law.

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27 thoughts on “LATEST: Home Office refuses to grant powers to stop EDL marches in Rotherham

  1. The UAF group and others with a similar agenda could help reduce the cost of policing the EDL protest by not showing up on the same day …..By not needing as much policing the threat of conflict is greatly reduced … it is the UAFs intention to provoke trouble so that the press can report that the racist EDL have come bringing trouble to the town … left to say their piece without provocation from any opposing groups they would swiftly be on their way ….. I don,t expect it to pan out that way because that would be the sensible approach… and we all no the left wing UAF and the BMY are anything but sensible. … Come on UAF…BMY… turn the other cheek as you did when CSE was happening …


    • I have just realised I have made a massive mistake in my first post …..I said “turn the other cheek as you did when CSE was happening” when what I meant to say was ..turn the other cheek like you do whilst CSE is still happening …


  2. Well done Home Office, these leftards are not worried about the cost, just the image of being reminded of the mass rape of children, by their Muslim friends. Eventually, it will dawn on them, the way to solve this problem, is to capture all the Pakistani peaophiles, roaming around as decent citizens.

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    • “Eventually, it will dawn on them, the way to solve this problem, is to capture all the Pakistani peaophiles, roaming around as decent citizens.”

      That’s one hell of a massive task

      This is the 7th(!!!!) Rochdale gang conviction since 2010

      Rochdale gang jailed for 55 years for abusing three girls

      Of course there are many more

      “Many of the offenders, many of whom are known to GMP, are still today walking the streets of Rochdale, still free men and respectable members of the community, having never been arrested or charged with these serious offences.”


      And then there’s their facilitators – all those plods, council apparatchiks, Labour politicians who were/are complicit by reason of dereliction of duty or even collusion.

      The NCA hasn’t even charged any of them with misconduct in a public office, so far a miserable return on a much trumpeted operation(Stovewood).

      With the jails pretty much at capacity there’s hardly room for groomer/rapists and facilitators


  3. @rr
    ‘Are you implying that the EDL is sensible?’
    Top tip: Signs imply, You infer.

    To answer your question; The groups-whether Left or Right-who disrupt Rotherham and other towns by marching and/or demonstrating about their current flavour of the month mostly hold extreme views and our views on what we consider ‘sensible’ definitely does not coincide with theirs.


    • Colin
      OK I got the word wrong! : – ) – thanks for picking it up.

      We agree that groups on the (Far) left and right are equal in the way that they attach themselves to “current flavours of the month” as a means of progressing their own extreme views.

      Interesting that in the threads above there are twice as many negative references to UAF as there are to EDL, … and the references to Muslims and Pakistanis are too many for me to want to count.

      As for the actual Flavour of the Month – February 2017
      According to the EDL FaceBook Events page:
      it’s the verdicts in the recent William Fry public house trials they are coming to Rotherham to protest about.
      British Justice on trial again?




  4. watched the BBC report on the EDL march, The leader was “spouting” on about costs, the PCC was also moaning about costs, and in my opinion was near the knuckle in political terms by trying to ban legal marches. Not once in the “unbiased” report by the BBC, was there any mention of the UAF counter marches. Its time that BOTH the leader and the PCC come out and state, quite clearly, that the people of Rotherham want rid of Both the EDL and UAF.


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  6. I’ll be at the counter demonstration. Like everyone else there I will protest against the EDL peacefully. It’s time the claim was dropped that there would be no trouble if people like me (who live in Rotherham) were to stay at home while racists from all over the country descend on our town centre. In September 2014 the EDL were fighting against the NF on Westgate with no counter protest to speak of that day.


  7. The Unity Rally was excellent. Radio Sheffield reported about 300 people there, though I thought probably a few less than that. There was absolutely no trouble whatsoever and it was great to see Sarah Champion MP there with a large group of young Asian women under the banner of Women for Peace. Sarah spoke very well as did all the speakers. I saw at least 5 local councillors there (one of which was UKIP). Meanwhile the EDL managed about 150 for their national demonstration, 23 of whom were seen urinating against the wall of a local law firm. Please don’t tell me that both sides are as bad as each other. Oh, and the EDL’s leader, of course, was busy yesterday posting deeply offfensive tweets making fun of child abuse.


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