Abuse victims and police officers in limbo over Rotherham scandal corruption probe

Police officers in South Yorkshire have been accused of protecting serial child abusers from prosecution and even having sex with victims as part of the Rotherham scandal. So two-and-a-half years on from the scandal coming to light, why has there been an apparent lack of progress in determining the truth of such serious corruption allegations?

It was a scandal that made headlines around the world – at an extraordinary press conference in August 2014 Professor Alexis Jay revealed that at least 1,400 children has been sexually exploited in Rotherham over 16 years, largely by men from Pakistani backgrounds.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/abuse-victims-and-police-officers-in-limbo-over-rotherham-scandal-corruption-probe-1-8406705


6 thoughts on “Abuse victims and police officers in limbo over Rotherham scandal corruption probe

  1. I agree it is a well-written and thoughtful article.
    I will say I am not anti police. I think they do an excellent job even though they are under manned and under funded but like all large organisations there are within its ranks a few bad apples.
    The main problem I have is that SYP does not appear to be transparent when dealing with the officers involved in prosecuting cases of CSE in Rotherham. How many Police officers have been charged with offences? How many officers were allowed to resign instead of facing prosecution? Why is the option of resignation ever considered?
    SYP has-rightly IMV-been subjected to close scrutiny since the scandal of CSE was first published but it does not mean all Police officers are corrupt, lazy or indolent.
    Dr.Alan Billings and SYP’s Chief Constable must grasp this opportunity to show not only does something need to be done but they are doing something to make absolutely sure all SYP officers are above reproach.

    I have every sympathy with the young people who were betrayed by corrupt Police officers and their accomplices on RMBC. It will take many years for Rotherham not to be seen as the capital of CSE.


    • Colin, slightly off-topic,( – and your final sentence is the only one I disagree with. )

      I was born in what is now a suburb of Rochdale, a place called Heywood, Lancs.
      For its size (26,000 people, when I lived there) that is the UK mega-centre of CSE. Google it.
      I left when I was 16, but I still remember when the first immigrants came to town to open a Chinese restaurant; so exciting – and good food, made a great change from the chippy, the tripe shop (but I do miss the taste of one tripe – really tasty) and the steamed pud shop.
      It is very different now.


      • @rr
        I did write ‘for Rotherham not to be seen as the capital of CSE ‘.
        The perception most people have of Rotherham when CSE is mentioned is wholly negative. No surprise there.
        Whether it’s Rochdale or Rotherham is irrespective IMV. What matters is how these crimes are investigated and everyone involved is charged and prosecuted. Without exception.


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