Labour collapses around Corbyn after by-election humiliation

SHADOW chancellor John McDonnell has issued a plea for Labour unity, as one of the party’s MPs branded its loss in the Copeland by-election a “disaster” which showed it was on track for a “catastrophic” general election defeat under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

The Conservatives dealt Mr Corbyn’s party a humiliating blow by snatching the Cumbrian seat, in an area which had been represented by Labour MPs since 1935.

Labour took some solace from holding on to Stoke-on-Trent Central, where its new MP, Gareth Snell, had faced a concerted challenge from Ukip leader Paul Nuttall.

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Corbyn vows to speak up for the regions as he defends his leadership

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to champion the voices of the British people and the regions throughout the Brexit process, as he denied accusations that his ailing leadership was the reason for Labour’s embarrassing defeat in the Copeland by-election.

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7 thoughts on “Labour collapses around Corbyn after by-election humiliation

  1. Here’s my take for what it’s worth: Part of it is that by-elections mean nothing at the moment. Look at the turnout. I think if UKIP supporters had not thought their party had a chance in Stoke and had voted Conservative instead, then Stoke would have gone blue as well. If the results are in any way significant it is because many traditional Labour supporters voted Brexit but people perceive that the Conservatives are the only mainstream party rock-solid on getting Brexit sorted (nb the false Liberal surge also abated last night). After that we then face the question of what sort of country we want to be. That’s where Labour’s real battle begins. Corbyn made a huge error in the Referendum debate in not following his convictions and urging Brexit on principles of resistance to globalism and anti-democratic big-government. He went with the wind and people don’t trust him now. But this is symptomatic of a wider departure from foundational principles and a loss of moral direction in the Labour party. They get more turned on by identity politics and foreign policy causes than fundamental economic justice questions that appeal to British-born working class voters. They are out of touch in that regard…They need to return to their founding vision to have any chance. But they won’t because this vision was underpinned by a common-sense Judaeo-Christian socialist ethic, set out by people like Keir Hardie, which is anathema to the majority of the people who now run Labour. They need a leader and a party who robustly support such a vision and can communicate it. But from where? Unless they wake up to this and take a radical new direction they are finished as a political force…


    • Hi Revsimcop
      … and what characteristics would that leader has in your opinion?
      a common-sense Judaeo-Christian socialist ethic, set out by people like Keir Hardie,
      and …

      What do you think of the new London Mayor?


  2. Both the Tories and the Labour party will claim success in the two by-elections.
    Labour will claim their win in Stoke on Trent (with a 37% share of the votes) vindicates their policies.
    The Tories IMV will claim a bigger success in Copeland (with a 44% share of the votes) by taking a seat from the Labour party.
    I’m now waiting for members of the Labour party to tell me how babies have died in Copeland this morning…………………


  3. I’ve had my doubts about Nutall and his cronies for some time and it seems they’ve been proved true. The Tories are now getting back their old support and working class people are abandoning Labour in droves. As for the Liberals, delusionists like Crobyn silly little socialists.


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