PICTURES: Protesters march on Rotherham

SIX people were arrested during largely peaceful protests in Rotherham yesterday. Drunk and disorderly, chanting, inciting racial hatred, breach of a dispersal order and public order offences were committed during the protests in the town centre.

A number of people were also been served with a dispersal order under Section 35 of the Police and Crime Act 2014. This can require them to leave the town centre for up to 48 hours.

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7 thoughts on “PICTURES: Protesters march on Rotherham


      “We have chosen to return to Rotherham after the disgraceful treatment regarding the trial of the men attacked in the William fry public house by a MOB of 200 local muslims.

      The pressure put on by the left wing system and it’s appeasing sympathisers, led the judge to overturn guilty pleas from 2 of the attackers for violent disorder and carrying an offensive weapon.
      his tamest was that due to the preasure put on their community by “right wing” groups justIfield their actions and claims of self defence.This has given the local community the green light to act above the law in any aspect they see fit…..”

      No mention of the convictions:


    • “Those who still think the EDL march in Rotherham because they are appalled by sexual abuse and exploitation”

      Are you actually admitting that racially and religiously aggravated group/gang grooming overwhelmingly committed by Pakistani Muslims exists then?

      For years lefties would say it was all “racist bollocks”

      As late as 2013 HNH were still peddling lines like “so-called grooming trials” and promising to produce “myth-busting material to counter extremist groups who might attempt to exploit the issue in order to divide communities and stir up hatred.”

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      I don’t think that the “myth busting materials” ever saw the light of day.

      Difficult to spin this kind of thing though isn’t it?

      “Rotherham sex abusers shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ as gang is jailed for 81 years after ‘vile’ abuse of girls”


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