The scandal of the HS2 homewreckers

The scandal of the HS2 homewreckers: Residents railroaded out of the houses they loved to make way for new high-speed line… only for it to be rerouted

  • Dozens of homes were bought by the Government for the for the controversial HS2 335-mile network
  • HS2 changed route in 3 parts of the country, leaving it with properties worth £21m on land it no longer needs
  • Many of those who needlessly sold to HS2 believe they were not given a fair price for their properties 

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been wasted buying up homes to make way for the controversial HS2 project – because the high-speed route has now been changed.

More than a dozen homes, ranging from country estates in picturesque villages to detached houses in urban areas, were bought by the Government after it announced HS2’s 335-mile network from London to Birmingham, and then to Leeds and Manchester.

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4 thoughts on “The scandal of the HS2 homewreckers

  1. Hmmmm………..
    Andrew Bridgen buys a house for £2.1milion and the state buys it from him for £1.9million
    That is a £200k loss whichever way you do the maths or about a 9.5% loss on his initial purchase.
    My understanding is HS2 is supposed to pay above market price for homes they buy plus associated costs, or does that only apply Oop North?


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