MEP to oppose ruling she pay damages to Rotherham’s MPs

UKIP MEP Jane Collins is expected to launch an appeal against a High Court ruling demanding she pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in libel damages to Rotherham’s three MPs.

Ms Collins was ordered to pay Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion £54,000 each after remarks she made about Rotherham’s child abuse scandal were adjudged to be libellous.

She claimed in a 2014 conference speech that the MPs knew about child exploitation in the town but did nothing to intervene and failed in a court bid to prove she was entitled to MEPs’ immunity.

Read on…,mep-to-oppose-ruling-she-pay-damages-to-rotherhams-mps_21724.htm

Thanks to a contributor for this insight:

Be a bugger if this private message was put onto Rothpol.

Misuse of public funds by John Healey MP
Wanting his Parliamentary researcher to harass Jane Collins MEP for information relating to her court case”



10 thoughts on “MEP to oppose ruling she pay damages to Rotherham’s MPs

  1. Ms Champion, Mr Healey and Sir Kevin pledged to donate any money they receive to charity.

    Speaking after the hearing, Ms Champion said: “If we do get the money it will be fabulous to give some of it to children’s charities, in particular those that work with survivors of abuse, but the likelihood that we ever get a penny is very small.”

    Is it ALL or SOME of the money they won’t get.

    Looks like Healey will have yet another Police Complaint made against him.


  2. Why only” some of it” Ms Champion ? Your costs have been covered ( although the amount shows that the lawyers have been ripping you off, as is usual in high profile cases such as this) ! Why aren’t all the damages going to the kids who need help and support here in your own constituency ?? This is, of course, assuming that Ms Collins pays up !

    p.s. interesting txt exchange at the bottom of the post !


  3. Now that’s interesting using his researcher to gather him information on his private court case
    I thought MPs claimed money from the tax payer to pay their researchers if that’s true he was obviously using tax payers funded employees to do his none parliamentary private work
    That then begs the question what else has been funded from the taxpayers purse now that could do with a coat of investigating do we not think ??


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