Rush-hour traffic delays expected as Sheffield taxi drivers plan “slow drive” protest

Rush-hour traffic is expected to grind to a halt this evening as taxi drivers take part in a “slow drive” across Sheffield.

Taxi drivers will stage the “slow drive” this afternoon in protest of new Government licensing legislation.

The protest is expected to start at 4pm with a convoy of taxis travelling from Attercliffe to the city centre.

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Extra info and a question or two from a reader:

Just heard the news that City Taxis Sheffield are due to launch in Rotherham.

Not particularly interesting news on the surface, but it got me thinking. After the uproar last year about taxi drivers in Rotherham having CCTV cameras fitted in their taxis, it all seemed to quieten down very fast.

City Taxis dominate the scene in Sheffield, and because they are licensed there where cameras are not required, could it be a lot of drivers are looking to jump in to a bit of a ‘loophole’ to avert this licensing condition?

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4 thoughts on “Rush-hour traffic delays expected as Sheffield taxi drivers plan “slow drive” protest

  1. It should not be difficult for the commissioners to prod our esteemed leader and councillors to introduce a bye law making it compulsory for all taxis registered and operating in Rotherham to be fitted with CCTV.
    Glasgow,Oxford and Dudley have done it.


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